AntiSocial Photographer Olivia Van Dyke explores movement, art, and fashion with the agents of Oakwyn Realty.

Oakwyn Realty is in a constant state of evolution with their brand. While labelled as a real estate company, Oakwyn does so much more than sell property. The company is committed to uplifting and empowering those around them with events like WOO (Women of Oakwyn) and the Sleep Out for the Covenant House. Using their platform, their voice as a corporation, and their many dedicated agents, they’ve raised the bar, changing what it means to be a real estate company.

Oakwyn is now reaching out to a younger generation of creatives. They’ve taken marketing their apparel brand as an opportunity to create art. Giving photographer Olivia Van Dyke creative control of their apparel photo shoot produced incredible results.

We spoke with Olivia on her process for the Oakwyn’s Swag Shoot, discussing branding, motion, and inspiration.

Olivia, tell us about your recent shoot with Oakwyn.

OVD: “When we were brainstorming for Oakwyn, they came to us with their swag and said we want to bring this to life. They want Oakwyn to be a lifestyle agency, not just a real estate agency. They want people to wear their t-shirts walking down the street, noting they’re not just for real estate agents. The models — who are actually real estate agents from Oakwyn — are wearing the same things you see all the time in Vancouver: Lulu Lemons, workout gear, sweaters.”

Tell us more about the concept and inspiration behind the shoot.

OVD: “The main concept was to bring the swag to life and make it relatable, make it cool. A lot of the inspiration came from these really edgy, really dark photo shoots — some of them were even high fashion. We looked at a lot of darker tones, black and whites — cool, moody.”

Did you have experience with fashion photography going into this shoot?

OVD: “Yes, I shot for a friends company, Albedo. When I shot for Albedo, though, it was more flowy, earthy, natural. And that’s where my style of shooting fashion with movement came from.”

You can see the movement in the Oakwyn swag shoot; under Olivia’s direction, motion breaths life into the apparel.

Movement brings life to fashion photography.

OVD: “To bring life to anything, especially clothing, you have to bring movement to it. It’s a way for people to relate and see themselves wearing that clothing.

How do you feel about Oakwyn’s approach to their imagery?

OVD: “I like the direction Oakwyn’s moving in. I was excited about the shoot because I felt, as a brand, they were looking at the imagery as more than just advertising and marketing, they were looking at the art behind it. It wasn’t like, “hey, go out and shoot this”, it was “what can you bring to the table as an artist or as a creative?” I was involved in a lot of the brainstorming and ideation of the shoot, which made it a lot easier to see their vision. I had a better idea of what they’re looking for and I was able to achieve that aesthetic during and after the shoot. I wasn’t walking into it blindly; I had my hand in it.

That’s what I appreciate about their brand — they want to take their imagery to the next level artistically. They’re asking themselves, “what can we do to appeal to a younger generation?” There’s so much opportunity for creatives, especially in Vancouver. And to be able to recognize that is huge, to want to support and touch and reach the younger creative generation is amazing.”

Olivia continues to discuss Oakwyn’s unique space within the real estate industry with us. Oakwyn focuses not on sales but on the people they interact with every day, living by the mantra, “If we put people before profits in every instance every day, everyone wins.”

OVD: “That what real estates agents are about — connecting with people and finding you a home. Above all else, Oakwyn’s about being human.”