These days, you have no excuse for bad phone photos. Read up on how to make your Instagram a better place.

Phone camera technology has come a long way. With some simple tips and tricks, you’ll be taking better Instagram photos in no time.

Better Lighting Means Better Instagram Photos

Natural light is ideal but if you’re photographing in a dark room, avoid using your flash. It turns your friends into demonic versions of themselves, red eyes and all. Instead, borrow a friends phone, flip on the flashlight, and light your subject from behind your camera.

Golden Hour

There’s a reason photographers love the Golden Hour. The low light as the sun sets projects a beautiful, naturally golden hue onto your photos.

Stay Cohesive, Aesthetically Speaking

Your Instagram feed will benefit from brand cohesion. Keep colour pallettes in mind when shooting photos.

The Rule of Thirds

Most phone camera’s will have a grid option when shooting. Use this to align your photo with the ‘Rule of Thirds’ in mind.

The Rule of Thirds simply means aligning the subjects or points of interest of your photo along the intersections of a 3×3 grid. It’s a fairly basic composition technique based on the fact that a viewers eye tends to naturally focus on the intersection points rather than the centre.


Image exposure refers to the amount of light in your photos. If a photo is overexposed, there’s too much light and it washes out your subjects. When an image is underexposed, it darkens your subjects.

Exposure is difficult to fix during the editing process so make sure you take care of it when your shooting instead. There are a few apps, like Adobe Lightroom CC, VSCO, and Snapseed that will let you adjust exposure after the fact.

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