SEO Strategy for Instagram

Google isn’t the only search engine savvy enough for SEO. If you haven’t been using SEO strategy for Instagram, it’s time you started.

Securing your spot on Instagram’s Search Feature can lead you to more relevant followers and put your account in front of potential customers.

If you’re already writing with SEO in mind for your web content, you’ll be happy to know you can apply the same basic concepts to your Instagram account.

1. SEO 101: Your Company Name Comes First

Optimize your company name field. The ‘name’ in your profile is searchable — meaning if you have a relevant keyword here, you could show up in the search results of prospective clients.

Change your name field to relevant keywords to describe your business.

For example, we’ve written ‘Advertising Agency’ in our name field.

2. Optimize Your Bio For Friendlier Search Results

Optimize the rest of your bio with relevant keywords and clickable hashtags. Include your location here, too. This way, if someone were searching for a company in a specific area, you would show up.

3. User-friendly Content is Key

Spend time curating your Instagram feed, it should have a cohesive aesthetic and relatable, relevant content. It won’t matter if you show up in Instagram’s search results if your profile doesn’t look presentable, the same way it doesn’t matter if you’re on the front page of Google if your website is sketchy. People trust brands that are professionally presented.

Instagram SEO

4. Optimize Your Posts

Optimize Your Hashtags Like They’re Keywords

Instagrams search algorithm pays attention to hashtags. If prospective customers are browsing relevant hashtags or semi-relevant hashtags, they could come across your photo, leading them to your Instagram account.

Don’t forget to add them to your story, too! If you find that having hashtags on your story images is too busy, hide them behind the image you’re posting. Hold your finger down on your image until you can manipulate it’s size. Here, you can now ‘pull’ your image in front of any writing you’ve added to your story.

Keep in mind, posts with hashtags have engagement rates higher by 12% which could be due to more exposure from showing up in searches.

Don’t Forget Your Image Alt Tags 

Did you know you can alt tags to Instagram posts, just like you do when customizing your web posts for SEO?

When you’re uploading a photo, click on ‘advanced settings’ to access the alt tags.

Add Locations 

Think about how people search: Often, if they’re in a certain location they’ll look for what they need by searching by location. It’s a simple step — make sure you tag your photos location and include it in your hashtags.

5. Don’t Use Black Hat Techniques

Black hat techniques are practices that are punished by search engines because they go against their guidelines or best practices. Avoid things like stealing other people’s content, using bots to like comments or your photos, buy followers, or follow too many accounts at once.

Instagram’s algorithm is smart enough to recognize these techniques and punish you for using them with things like shadowbans.