It's simple, really.

The internet is crowded — it’s no secret. And when anyone with a good wifi connection can start a blog, write an article, or post on social media, how do you stand out?

It’s not as complicated as you think. We’ve got a few simple tricks to help your content writing stand out.

Don't write for yourself.

If you’re writing to see your own words on paper or, more accurately these days, the internet, you might be the only person who will read it. You need to write for your audience.

It’s the same principle that underlies all successful marketing initiatives. Decide who you’re writing for: Who is your target audience? What are their likes and dislikes? What kind of a demographic do they fall into? What are they Googling?

Creating something that will resonate with a specific audience is much, much more effective than casting too-wide a net. Find out who they are and then write for them.

People can spot an agenda from a mile away.

There’s no faster way to lose your reader than with a heavily branded, advertising-focused post. The posts that are pushing a product without containing any real narrative or information don’t work. If your post is sponsored or intended to only be about a product or service, say so. Trying to ‘subtly’ advertise under the guise of writing a story is never really that subtle.

Trust is everything.

We spoke on the trust that comes from a clean and easy to navigate website and the same is true for written content. Your audience will notice if your writing is correct and authentic. If you haven’t already, download a grammar tool like Grammarly. Believe me — even if you think you don’t one, you do.

Edit your work. I cannot stress this enough. If you can find someone else to read it over after you’re done, perfect. But, even just leaving it for an hour and coming back to reread it yourself will work.

Internal links will lend credibility to your work and, an added bonus, Google will notice your sources. By choosing proper sources, you legitimize your writing.

Honest, correct, and consistent work creates trust. And, sales are driven by trust.

Keep it clean.

Again, much like a website, the simpler the better when it comes to your writing. Let people find what they’re looking for immediately, instead of sifting through other pieces of content.

You can accomplish this with a top down structure of writing. This method gives your reader the relevant information first, then slowly expands on that information. Visualize your writing as a triangle with the most relevant piece of information existing at the tip. As you go lower, the triangle gets wider and you give more and more pieces of supporting information for your main point.


Keep reading other people’s content. See what’s going viral, how other professionals are writing headlines, what kind of a voice people use and how it differs from other voices in other industries.