Mouth-watering product shots, dark and sexy pizza photo shoots, and picturesque, elegant afternoon tea? We've shot them all.

At AntiSocial, we have a wide range of clients who are in the food business. And, each client’s particular brand and product requires a different kind of approach. Being able to shift from The Parlour’s dark, dramatic vibe to Kernels’ bright, fun-loving brand is something our photographers and strategists pride themselves on.

Western Family’s brand is family-friendly, appealing to parents with their “Quality Ingredients made for Quality Moments” campaign. Our team plans, stages, and shoots playful, light photoshoots to reflect Western Family’s ideals and speak to their audience.

A Yaletown staple, the Parlour’s a busy spot. They offer wood-fired pizzas, incredibly crafted cocktails, and an atmosphere that attracts a young, urban demographic.

When we shoot for Parlour, our photographers ensure their dramatic vibe comes across. A lot of our photography here takes two forms: action or product shots, occasionally overlapping. The resulting content represents both the atmosphere of the space and the incredible food they produce.

The Fairmont hotels all share two things: an elegant nature and a love for travellers. Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of capturing imagery for The Fairmont. And while all of the resulting photos vary, they all express the duality of The Fairmont’s brand by combining sophistication and a sense for adventure.

Our team captured photo content that reflects The Fairmont’s elegant style by staging shoots at The Fairmont Vancouver’s polished bistro, Notch 8’s afternoon tea and inside of The Botanist (located at The Fairmont Pacific Rim). We also spent time photographing and exploring the honey-making beehives situated on top of the Fairmont Water Front, and riding the trains for their World Class Wild, a “curated culinary experience on the West Coast of Canada”.

White Spot has been a BC brand for over 90 years. The campaigns we create for them speak to their longstanding history in our province, their commitment to local sustainability, family values, and of course, great lookin’ burgers.

Kernels Popcorn is a fun-loving, lighthearted brand that never takes themselves too seriously. We express this attitude by using colour blocking and canine models in their shoots. The product shots we take for them are rivalled only by their lifestyle content.