Social media contests can increase your page likes, engage your audience, and sometimes have surprising results.

Social Media Strategist Aayush Chopra has been working with the rest of the AntiSocial team to create and execute online content for the Co-op. We sat down with Aayush to discuss how effective social media contests can be when executed properly. Aayush tells us that not only were they successful, but they had surprising results that weren’t initially projected.

The AntiSocial Team has been working closely with Co-op, running their social media and writing their blogs. Can you tell us about some of the goals Co-op had for our Social Team?

Aayush Chopra: “Co-op came to us with a priority goal to increase their following and interaction with their online communities. They already have a really good connection to their offline communities so we were trying to bring that offline community online.”

How did we accomplish that?

AC: “We decided to do contests to help increase their online following and audience interaction. The first notable contest was sharing their annual community spaces video; this basically showed a recap of an annual event they have where they provide grants and help communities around Western Canada improve.”

The Community Spaces program has been operating since 2015. So far, the program has donated $8.5 million to 114 projects all dedicated to improving communities in Western Canada.

AC: “Another social media contest we held was for Canada Day. We provided the winner with a road trip care package which includes all necessities needed from Co-op for a road trip.

This contest required people to like and follow their page, like the post, and tag a friend or two in the comments. This makes sure that the audience both interacts with the post the brand page and brings their friends into it, increasing our organic reach. These posts also have a boost budget behind them so we can promote them as ads on Facebook.

After successful geotargeting, we were able to get a higher reach and show the post to people who haven’t liked the post. In this way, we were able to increase the page likes as well.”

How have the contests been performing?

AC: “These contests have been doing really well, over the month of July we’ve gained 1,639 page likes on Facebook and grew our Instagram following by 290 followers. That’s roughly 10%, which is great for Instagram.

These contests have performed well in terms of getting us a new audience online and also helping us create a new post type, User Generated Content (UGC).

The Community Spaces giveaway contest included a step, to comment something you’re thankful for that Co-op has done in your community. We’ve received a lot of heartwarming comments and created a post type based on these.

Once we started posting these UGC posts, we got a good interaction from the community. The audience could see how Co-op has helped other communities across Western Canada.

If you strategize your contests well enough you’re able to achieve your likes and follows goal but you’re also able to create more relatable content and provide a spotlight to the online community.”