The continually evolving world of social media marketing can be hard to keep up with. In the last month, there have been several important updates to Instagram. In case you missed any, we’ve rounded them up below.

Instagram to reduce inauthentic activity from 3rd party apps

All social media networks wage a constant war against spam and manipulation. On November 19th, Instagram announced a new battle against inauthentic activity. While Facebook and Instagram have taken many steps to fight fake users or bots from gaming the system, they are now taking a harder stance against 3rd-party apps to automate activity to increase engagement or followers. What they’re searching to remove are inauthentic likes, follows, and comments from apps designed for those purposes. Using new machine learning tools, Instagram is identifying accounts, removing inauthentic activity, and notifying them that they have to reset their passwords to disconnect from the 3rd-party app.

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Instagram to reduce inauthentic activity from 3rd party apps

Instagram’s new “Promote for Stories”

If you’re familiar with Facebook marketing, they offer a full-featured ads platform, covering all areas of their site, app, and off-site. Their simplest paid promotion option is to “Boost” posts, which lets anyone pay to have specific posts instantly shown to a larger and wider audience, using either an automatic or simple setup. Now with “Promote for Stories”, the same easy and instant promote Instagram Stories in the same way. This can get your Story in the top bar of the app of your target audience, similar to getting your Boosted post to appear higher in your audience’s Facebook feed.

Instagram Stories advertising expand to Facebook Stories

One new feature social media marketers have been waiting for is Instagram Stories advertising to carry over to Facebook Stories. It uses the same objective, targeting, and measurement capabilities of Instagram Stories, along with automatic placements.

IGTV previews can be shared through Instagram Stories

Have you heard or IGTV or already forgot about it? You’re not alone. After launching in June, Instagram has done little to promote IGTV or assist brands in making it a viable way to share long-form video content. They’re rolling out a feature that will definitely help, by leveraging the already ultra-popular Instagram Stories, which has up to 400 million daily users. Now IGTV videos can be shared as a preview as an Instagram Story, letting people tap to view the full video.

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Instagram Insights expanding to Instagram Analytics

After a long wait and currently in beta, Facebook is bringing their advanced analytics to Instagram. So far, Instagram business users can view Insights, which provide simpler metrics. After it rolls out officially, marketers will finally have access to a wide range and in-depth analytics that we’ve had on Facebook for years.
Instagram Stories advertising expand to Facebook Stories


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