The women of AntiSocial Solutions are creative forces who lead within our industry.

On International Women’s Day, we recognize and celebrate the successes of the women in our office; the women whose hard work and tenacity our company could not exist without.

The 2019 International Women’s Day campaign theme is Balance for Better. Now, more than ever, the world notices balance. We see its stark absence in movements like #MeToo and celebrate its fierce presence in the strong women, men, and non-binary folks who work towards equality. Every day we celebrate our continuous collective action towards this balance by uplifting and supporting minorities, seeking understanding of the reality of their struggles, and being an ally in every situation.

At AntiSocial Solutions, we encourage and empower the women we work alongside by offering wage equity to combat the gender wage gap and equal job opportunities. We value each of our female employees — they lead campaigns, ideate brilliant concepts, and foster a work ethic that is invaluable to our team. The women we work with are multitalented; we recognize and celebrate them within and outside of our workspace. They’re not only appreciated for their contributions to our company but also supported in the passions they pursue outside of AntiSocial. They are rappers, marathon runners, yoga instructors, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, dancers, competitors, teachers. They are all leaders. They are all creators.

The support we discuss transcends International Women’s Day, it goes beyond the individual woman and is deeper than any solitary situation. To support equality is a way to live, not simply a day to celebrate. It means recognizing and using our own privilege, using our voices and our platforms to create a safe environment and triumph inclusivity. At AntiSocial Solutions, we believe in equality.

Today, while women are still underrepresented in certain areas of the digital world, we believe that digital industries could not exist without the intelligence and fortitude that comes from the females within it. It’s essential that right now, at this moment, we collectively take a stand to support and empower women.

Together, we can build an inclusive digital world.