As the world starts to regain its footing, it’s time for some big moves from the AntiSocial team.

We are committed to expanding our reach across the globe! The first step in this journey is to solidify our East Coast business. Digital marketing in Toronto– we’re coming for you.

To get this ball rolling, we’ve brought on a skilled Executive Producer, Chelsea Broderick! We sat down with Chelsea to get the inside scoop on our East Coast expansion. Check it out!

AS Moves East

Chelsea is the newest Executive Producer at AntiSocial Solutions and she is ready to grow our Toronto team.

“I’ve worked with clients across a number of verticals, from creating and producing video shoots for Infiniti to producing the Canadian Country Music Awards my experience is definitely a mixed bag! Being able to juggle very different clients and their objectives will be an asset in my new role.”

Chelsea is joining us from Notable Media Life Group, a publication and media agency based in Toronto. Her experience in digital marketing, experiential production, and influencer marketing makes her a great asset for our growing team.

“One of my first objectives will be to expand our client base in Toronto. I know there is a huge opportunity in this city and I’m eager to make those connections and relationships. I’m hopeful that I can scale our East Coast market and continue to grow our team.”


Welcoming 5-Star Talent

Chelsea has worked with some of the world’s top brands and we are thrilled to have her joining our stacked creative roster.

As our new EP, Chelsea will be responsible for providing strategic and tactical leadership for key existing client relationships, as well as taking the lead on new client acquisition and sales repping, specifically for our Toronto office.

She will also act as a leader for social media marketing, content creation, and creative ideation within our team. Her contributions to our growing culture will be a helping hand in shaping the future of our company.

If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing in Toronto, Chelsea will be your contact. We can’t wait to watch her grow her network all across the East Coast.

Keeping Our Culture Fun

Chelsea is a great creative and we are so excited to welcome her to the team. Here are a few things you might not know about her:

Outside of work, what are your biggest interests?
“Travelling whenever I can. In the winter I love skiing, although the mountains are non-existent in Toronto, I try to do one ski trip a year. I also love spinning, taking my dog on adventures and trying new restaurants.”

What is your favourite animal and why?
“Giraffes! I’m amazed by their grace, stature and intelligence. Seeing them in the wild on a recent trip to South Africa made me love them even more.”

What inspires your creativity?
“Talking to people. I very much feed off of other people’s energy and creativity. I love joining brainstorms or any type of creative discussion. I also find when I’m stuck on something, getting a good sweat always helps to clear my head and help me refocus.”


Toronto, Let's Create Together!

Our Toronto team is ready to get to work! From digital to social, experiential to AR, our diverse collective brings you jaw-dropping creative campaigns that will help your brand reach its full potential.

“One of the things that sold me on the Thinkingbox family was our capabilities as an agency. I love that everything can be done in house. I’m already amazed at the level of talent and skills among our team.” Chelsea Broderick

If you’re ready to elevate your branding and take your East Coast style to the top, contact us. We’re ready to create with you!