It’s been just over a month since our team was asked to begin working from home. AntiSocial has always had relaxed policies when it comes to remote work, something that we value because it shows how much we trust our team. That being said, in-office time has always been preferred as a means to avoid miscommunication, collaborate creatively, and grow a strong team environment.

As we continue to navigate these strange times, we spoke to our leaders, and those in our larger community, to see how their opinions of remote work have evolved through the crisis.

Adapting to the Home Office

Daryl Louie, our CEO, has been surprised by how easily our team adapted to WFH. “I always trusted that our team could work remotely; we hire driven people who enjoy what they do. That being said, even though there was trust, I did have concerns that my staff were binging seasons of Ozark on their couch instead of fully paying attention to their work.”

Daryl says that we are experiencing one of our busiest quarters ever and that when the news first came that offices were being asked to close, he worried about what at-home output would look like. But our team came through stronger than ever. 

“In recent weeks, our team has set up their home offices for success. We’re busier than ever and everyone is so committed. It’s amazing to see. I’ve noticed that although physical distancing has happened and people don’t get to connect in the office, they are excited to jump on video-calls and see their team’s smiling faces. The work is still happening and communication is even stronger, probably because we all miss each other.– Daryl Louie (AntiSocial Solutions)


Karm Sumal, CEO of Daily Hive, says, “For me personally, working from home prior to COVID-19 was never an option. I love seeing my team, interacting with them, and getting that human element… it just can’t be replaced with video calls. However, I was confident that my team was ready for it. Our team is agile, we adapt quickly, and we encourage WFH even without the crisis.

The Good, the Bad, and the, "Can you please keep it down?"

Working from home is a great option to allow your staff freedom and flexibility. That being said, a permanent WFH structure has its downfalls. We’re all trying to adapt to working with our spouses, dogs, kids, and the neighbours who seem to think that this is a great time to renovate their homes.

Darian Kovacs, CEO of Jelly Marketing, told us that before the crisis, he found working from home a great way to find silence and relaxation during late-night projects. But working from home during the day, with four kids, is not as relaxing.


It’s like setting up shop at a Chuck-E-Cheese vs. Starbucks. I’ve found that noise-cancelling headphones and good playlists get me through.”  Darian Kovas (Jelly Marketing)

Daryl says that the COVID-19 crisis is changing the way he views work from home practices. ”I reluctantly admit that there are aspects of working from home that I enjoy personally and for my team… like retaining my cooking prowess.”

Karm also reminded us that this isn’t your traditional work from home scenario. Our country is in a crisis, both physically and economically. 

“As managers and leaders, we have to take the extra time to build one-on-one relationships to see how our teammates are doing personally during these uncertain times. Anxiety, depression, sadness, fear are all seeping in and we have to take time to be there for them.”– Karm Sumal (Daily Hive)


Working From Home: It's not perfect, but it works!

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing companies big and small to find ways to work remotely. As a digital agency, it was easy for us, but that’s not the case for everyone. As the crisis continues, we will see more and more brands finding innovative ways to move their business online. The question on everyone’s mind is: what will remote work look like in the future, now that we know it can be done?

Miles Sellyn, President of Major Tom, was impressed by how quickly his team adapted to the new structure. 


I’ve always been an in-office person. I’m one of seven kids, and an extrovert, so I love the energy of being around my coworkers. We’ve had optional WFH days for a while, but I rarely used them. That being said, heading into week 4 of fully remote, our team is performing at an extremely high-level and I definitely think we will reassess our overall approach to remote work.” – Miles Sellyn (Major Tom)

Karm also isn’t worried about his output, or that of his team: “We’re now into week 4 and my output has not waivered. I’ve had to adjust with more Slack communication, more reach-outs to see how everyone is doing and also having a little fun as well. It was an adjustment and will continue to be, but we as an organization are ready for it.” 

On the AntiSocial side, Daryl says he feels at ease about our team’s ability to work from home. “Going forward, I have complete confidence in our ability to be effective internally and externally in a remote fashion. I also think that our clients are learning to feel comfortable doing remote meetings, which can really save on travel time.”

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Positive!

The take-home message is that with a strong team and a healthy company culture, working from home can be a great tool! We’re proud to see our team exceeding our remote work expectations and we know we can weather the storm of COVID-19. That being said, we miss our office (and our dogs miss it too). We’ll be happy to get back to our regular schedule once it’s safe, but we’ll be bringing a new understanding of remote work, team strength, and fearless leadership with us.

I think that CEO’s who have the right team in place, with the right frameworks to properly support and resource work from home strategies, will thrive in WFH instances post-COVID. But I still think working in our office is better… because our office is awesome.” – Daryl Louie


These aren’t easy times, but we’re all in this together! We’re still here and we’re still working. Reach out and connect with us.