One positive trend that’s been growing over the years, especially in Vancouver, is a focus on health and wellness. Today’s culture is fast paced with constant connectivity, which is an essential part of the job for anyone working in marketing. The paradox being the busier we get, the more important it is to set aside time for self-care. While vital, it can be easy to forget or neglect. Lucky for anyone on the AntiSocial team, we can always get support from each other to stay motivated. To give you some inspiration and ideas, our team’s rounded up a few favourite ways to keep healthy.


With British Columbia’s natural surroundings so beautiful and varied, we have many options for outdoor activities. Hiking is a favourite for Vancouverites with our wide selection of scenic locations, both conveniently close to the city and worth the trek out. Hiking provides physical and mental health benefits and being connected with nature adds to the personal experience.

“I love to hike because it allows me to disconnect and really relax. It helps me physically, emotionally and mentally. Plus I get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of what the world has to offer! The simple things to me are the best things.” – Peter, Communications Director


If you can’t make it out for a hike, we’re #blessed with many paths, parks and our famous seawall. Running improves cardio, burns calories, builds muscle and lowers stress levels. Even a short run can give a boost to your physical and mental self (and if you’re already decked out in Lulu, might as well run instead of walk right?). If you’re new to running and a bit intimidated, a study found that a daily 5-10 minute run can cut the risks of heart disease and help you live longer.

“My morning routine always starts with a run along the seawall. It clears my mind and fills me with positive energy throughout the day. For me, running is not only a physical outlet but is an essential part of my mental well-being.” – Steph, Social Strategist

Indoor Cycling

While we cherish (and Instagram) the nice weather when we have it, we can’t deny there are plenty of indoor days in Vancouver. One option is indoor cycling, especially with our favourite Soul Cycle steps away from our Yaletown office.

“Antisocial loves Soul so much, we are beyond obsessed. especially Daniela’s class, she’s super motivating and we love her energy and drive! she inspires us to be the best version of ourselves!” – Melissa, Social Strategist

Besides the weather, indoor cycling is consistent and convenient anytime, plus we love the shared energy from working out in a group. It offers the health benefits or running and other cardio workouts while being low-impact with a lower chance of injury.

“Soul Cycle helps me disconnect from the day, helps me focus on my personal goals, and more than anything be present for myself.” – Nicole, Content Marketing Manager


Vancouver is internationally known for its yoga obsession and our office is no exception. Yoga offers a range of physical and mental benefits, such as improved flexibility, strength, energy, and cardio. It’s known to help improve or prevent injuries from other physical activities, from sports to sitting all day for work. With mindfulness integral to practicing yoga, it offers mental health benefits. It relieves stress and anxiety by improving mood and concentration. We used to have weekly yoga sessions in our office, but with our staff doubling since the start of the year, we don’t have the room to stretch it out. We’d like to recommend our office yoga teacher Christie Baumgartner if you’re looking for private or corporate yoga sessions.

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Mental health is essential to living well and it’s great to see awareness growing around the topic. Meditation keeps increasing in popularity, which can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve concentration and self-awareness. Aiming to center one’s mind, it can help people process thoughts and emotions, gaining positivity and productivity. Meditation can be intimidating to start; apps can help beginners get into it, and motivate people to keep it up.

“I try to meditate every day, especially on stressful days. It’s called Simple Habit. Working at an agency has my mind going a million miles a minute, constantly thinking about work and my clients/deliverables/deadlines. This app helps me focus on my mental health and well being and it helps me sleep.” – Melissa, Social Strategist

Mindful Walking and Dog Walking

A classic but often overlooked healthy habit is going for a walk, especially for anyone working at a desk or indoors. If you have a break and aren’t into meditation, skip playing with your phone and get outside. A short walk can help clear your mind, improve your mood, and boost your energy. When you return to work, you’ll probably find you’re feeling more productive than if you never left your desk. We’re lucky to have a dog-friendly office, giving us options for a furry walking buddy if no humans are available.

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