The AntiSocial team had an exciting start to the year, acting as KnowShow’s official winter 2018 marketing partner in Vancouver. We held two educational sessions focused on digital marketing tactics hosted by our Sales Director Geordie Flannigan and our co-founder Alex Chan. Our media team also managed their visual content, creating daily video recaps and photos for their Instagram. We created an Instagram video for each day with a same-day turnaround to keep up with the live and energetic vibe of the event (we filmed in the day and had the video out that evening). We had fun with an Instagram Story Takeover, where we created and managed their Instagram Stories. We also had our first booth at the event, with the help of Print Three.

If you haven’t heard of KNOWSHOW, it’s the leading lifestyle tradeshow in Canada. It welcomed around 795 retailers and over 3500 attendees from the lifestyle, fashion and action sports industry, including designers, tastemakers, media, big brands and boutique labels.

AntiSocial Solutions Team at KNOWSHOW 2018 Vancouver

Tactical Sessions with Geordie and Alex

Geordie and Alex hosted two hour-long speaker events on digital marketing and content creation. On the first day, they covered a macro view of digital marketing, sharing tips on strategies and planning, along with a Q&A for attendees. The second day was a workshop focusing on content marketing and creation.

KNOWSHOW 2018 - AntiSocial Solutions - Alex Chan - Geordie Flannigan

DAY 1- Effective Marketing: Finding the Right Strategies

“It was a positive experience all-round. We got to connect with a great audience, share our knowledge and gain new insight from them. We covered retail for 2018 with a look a brick & mortar and their online aspects, along with increasing sales and building awareness. A favourite part for Alex and me was the Q&A after, hearing their stories and discussing strategies. We also met a group of Kwantlen Fashion School students and loved their energy.”

DAY 2 – Harnessing Creativity: Content Creation Workshop

“Loved seeing so many faces from the first day there. We broke it down with them personally, more like a classroom. We covered content marketing, brand voice, social media and video/photography. We gave out custom workbooks, letting them get their ideas and plans on paper. In marketing and sales, it’s vital to have solid facetime to truly connect, but also get it all written down and make something actionable from it. These talks and working with KNOWSHOW founder Perry and his team was an incredible experience. Looking forward to their summer event in July.” – Geordie, Sales Director

Antisocial Solutions Tactical Session 2018: Content Creation Workshop

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