AntiSocial gets a fresh new look.

We pride ourselves with staying ahead of the curve on technological developments and creating elegant site pages for our clients, and our new site reflects exactly that. Senior Project Manager Rob Lista took the lead with updating our site. After much painstaking attention to detail, he helped shape AntiSocial’s new face.

We sat down with Rob to get a sneak peek behind the scenes to see what goes into building a dynamic website

Rob, what about this project was different from other websites you’ve developed?
Rob Lista: “It’s something special to me because it reflects all of us at AntiSocial. All of the departments needed to be displayed: media, social, sales, everyone in management… We needed to create something that highlighted all the departments and brought them together as a whole. Ultimately, we are one unit.”

How do you think this site represents AntiSocial as a company?
RL: “I wanted to create something that reflects us — not only with the work we do but with who we are as a team. We needed something that reflected the culture, the look, the feel, the tone of who we are both internally and externally.

Every single department at AntiSocial is unique, and extremely strong in their respective realm. By taking a look at our Case Studies, you can see how our teams collaborate across departments to create create cohesive, engaging, and unique marketing activations. Everything from social media campaigns and graphic design to video, you can really get a feel for how things roll out and what kind of services and benefits we can provide.”

What makes our team so great is our ability to collaborate.Our individual talents compliment one other. Ultimately, we are one unit.

Rob stresses the collaboration and teamwork that went into this project.
RL: “Building this website was a collaborative effort, and our Lead Developer Steve Brooks was influential in bringing things together. He is the one that makes the real magic happen, and I’m very thankful to work beside someone that is so gifted in both the coding and design aspects of web development, who always strives for excellence, and consistently takes the initiative to make things better in any way possible. Our other departments played a key roll delivering targeted and engaging content, as well as building out some of our amazing case studies to showcase.

It was also very important to us to have a cohesive and fluid voice across the website specific to who we are. Our copywriter Colleen Christison created a clear, resonating brand voice true to AntiSocial.”

Besides staying true to ourselves and our brand voice, what else was important to you when developing and designing the site?
RL: “Ultimately, being able to communicate information quickly, concisely, and in an engaging manner was the goal when creating this website. I wanted to make sure people could come onto our website and within seconds have a clear idea of what we do and what we can provide. By allowing our audience to divulge deeper into our services or other, specific areas that we provide, we can let them find the information they want in one to two clicks. User experience is key, and this site is extremely user-friendly.”

What inspired the stylistic elements of the site?
RL: “I designed the site to have a clean, contemporary look, because that is ultimately who we are as a business, mixed with a little bit of playfulness for good measure. We also strive to be at the cutting edge of technology and best business practices, so we needed our website to reflect that.”

Tell us about some of your motivation behind creating the website.
RL: “I really wanted to build something that reflected us as people and as a business. It’s a look into who we are because who we are is just as important as what we do. We’re a really tight-knit crew. Being close allows us to create great work because of the openness and creativity that stems from being friends.

People want to work with people they get along with, period. I wanted to give current and potential clients an inside look into who we are personally. It can open up conversation on a positive note, people are excited to sit down with us and see what we can offer on a business level.”