Lords of Gastown was born and bred in Vancouver. Established a decade ago, they’re cemented as the city’s original motorcycle lifestyle and apparel brand. Founders Nik and Tyler fully embody the brand, from the nights out drinking in Gastown that started it all to international road trips. Specializing in biker apparel, their wears include original designs from different artists, taking inspiration from the old school of riding, as well as the native land and culture of the West Coast.

Lords of Gastown - Antisocial Solutions - Alaina Michelle Photography

Clothing ranges from graphic prints to Lord’s Originals, which are limited pieces hand-made by their in-house sewing team. These original “cut and sew” pieces cater to riding performance heritage, along with modern takes, such as leather mixed with waxed-denim. One iconic example is up-cycling Cowichan fleece and combining with leather to make a jacket.

Lords of Gastown Cowichan leather jacket

Our lead photographer Alaina Hase has worked with Lords of Gastown for several years, with her personal history drawing her to them. Below she shares her thoughts and what goes into visuals that stay true to the Lords brand.

Alaina photographer Antisocial Solutions

“My dad Chris has been into motorcycles my entire life. Growing up we’ve bonded a lot over bikes, I’d hang in his garage while he worked on projects. Earlier this year, we took a Mexico road trip together where I spent a week on the back of his bike, exploring around Guadalajara in Jalisco.” – Alaina Hase


Alaina shooting from the back of her dad’s bike.

“With biker culture, I Iove the comradery. They can be intimidating to some, but with me growing up around bikers, I never really saw them that way and always felt comfortable. Anywhere bikers go, they’re open to meet other bikers and I feel that with Lords. The vibe is always natural, they’re always just being themselves, plus I like their rebellious energy.”

“I’ve worked in fashion and with apparel brands for years. That combined with my love of bikes made Lords the perfect client for me. Working with them for a while, I’ve become friends with their bikers and models, making shoots organic and fun.”

“I enjoy that their brand is more edgy, more sexy than most clients, which I get to express through my camera. They have new collections coming out regularly, both for men and women, giving me lots of variety to work with. Shooting outdoors, we get a lot of variety as well. Out in nature, back alleys, places with character. This mix of clothing and locations inspires me and the models. When we get to some amazing spot, the spirit of it boosts all of us.”

“What’s great about working with the bikers and models, is they’re all part of the community and friends, not just hired from an agency to act. Bikers often pose with their own bikes, that they work on themselves and are proud of. This genuine passion really comes through in the images.”

“Shooting bikes and vehicles are interesting and can be intense. Each bike is original and shares some of the owner’s personality who worked on it. Shooting bikes as they rip around often means I’m pretty close to the action. With riders only doing tricks once, I have to be fast to get the right shot.”

“One favourite shoot was with my dad up the sea-to-sky highway. I was on the back with my camera as we sped up the road, shooting riders as they went by. This was the best way to capture the speed that their clothing was born for.” – Alaina Hase, Lead Photographer

Lords of Gastown - Antisocial Solutions - Alaina Michelle Photography

When working creatively with a client, it’s essential to personally connect with them to express their brand through their eyes. We want to guide and grow their vision, letting their customers see it clearly among their competitors. With Alaina and Lords of Gastown, the fit was natural, letting the Lord’s brand shine in every piece of content produced.