Lifestyle Shots With David Setton

David Setton is a Vancouver-based real estate agent who works with Oakwyn Realty. Recently, David approached AntiSocial and asked us to help him expand and refine his brand’s visibility.

We wanted to begin by giving David new, high-quality photos to use across his marketing strategies. The AntiSocial Media Team is known for their creative lifestyle shoots and they quickly got to work creating an engaging, narrative photo plan that involved David and his family.

The Plan

David Setton’s family is integral to his career. As a child, David’s father, Victor, was a property developer and so David grew up immersed in the business of real estate.

David’s wife Alison is an essential part of his business life as well. They have a truly symbiotic relationship in which they both help each other grow their brands, businesses, and dreams together.

On top of that, David has his daughter, Hannah, and his energetic dog Mars, who both inspire his work and drive him towards success.

Our team wanted to highlight the importance of David’s family life and how it positively impacts his business. That’s why we inivted all four family members to join in on the shoot alongside David, so that we could properly portray what makes his work shine.

We also wanted to highlight the city of Vancouver. As a lifelong resident, David has deep roots in this city. The AntiSocial team chose multiple locations that would showcase Vancouver at its best. Even though the weather was up and down, the shots came out perfectly– highlighting the misty magic that is this great coastal paradise.

David Setton and his father sit in a kitchen in west vancouver for AntiSocial Solutions photoshoot
david setton with his wife, daughter, and dog at jericho beach in vancouver, bc for a AntiSocial Solutions photoshoot

The Challenges

No creative project goes off without a few setbacks. Scheduling a photoshoot can be difficult for a lot of reasons. Managing multiple schedules, weather conditions, and lighting needs can prove to be complicated, even when working with laidback people like the Settons.

Shooting in the winter in Vancouver can be especially difficult, considering how quickly the weather tends to change. This shoot had to be postoned twice due to rain, then snow, and a bit more rain.

Once we were finally able to book a date and the weather was perfect, we ran into another issue with the rental property we planned to shoot in. The owners had decided to have their carpets removed and we had to rearrange our schedules once again. Eventually, we decided to split the shoot into two days: an outside day and an inside day.

The Results

Both shoots went extremely well, staying perfectly on schedule and capturing every moment just as we had planned.

On our second day of shooting, we were inside a large property in East Vancouver. The shoot fell right after a large snowfall in Vancouver and we were lucky enough that the property had big, beautiful windows that let in all of the natural light. Because of the glow from the snow, we didn’t have to use any professional lighting at all and simply let nature do the work for us. What a win!

The AntiSocial team also did a great job directing and posing the Setton family. Looking comfortable in front of a camera is something that is difficult to do, even for the most confident people. Great shots often come down to great direction. Creating comfortable, relaxed, and welcoming spaces for our clients is something that we have worked hard to master, and these shots are a great showcase of how our team has refined their directorial skills.

A big takeaway from this shoot is that it really does take teamwork to create something great. Just as David has the support of his family to make his business successful and sought after, so to do we at AntiSocial rely on our creative team to execute truly jaw-dropping campaigns.

We are more proud than ever to have the strength of Vancouver’s best creatives at our fingertips and we look forward to a new year full of even bigger wins.

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david setton stands back to back with his wife for AntiSocial Solutions photoshoot