This isn’t our first rodeo, and media has been at the core of our approach since the start. However, recently, we invested heavily in this way of thinking, bringing on creative thought leaders like Kristain Oliveira-Barnes, Samantha Loren, and Lauren Schuster, to take our media department to the next level.

What once was a small collective voice, is now a fully functioning team holding nationwide accounts. These are experts in digital media. And it shows.

Their focus has and always will be the overall growth and success of a business, not just a single campaign. Sure, fantastic metrics and data can fuel them, but none of this means anything if the team is not empowering our clients and their businesses for long-term success.

Big News and Big Wins

Throughout the years we have been able to pivot and pilot our way through the changing of trends, and variable states-of-the-world. In recent months, our media and marketing teams have been able to put up gigantic numbers.

Our data speaks for itself. 

This may just be a tooting of our own horn, but we love jazz, and you should prepare your ears for the entire procession of blasts. We’ve seen some pretty epic, and above-average, data points. Across our 15-plus active media clients.

Up first, we’re going to highlight some of our big wins, before diving a bit into the trends of the Summer. These numbers were gauged over the course of a single month, from the Summer of 2021.

Return on Ad Spend

Put simply, a ROAS is a number that determines how many dollars are made versus dollars spent. If your $100 buy returns $500 sales then your ROAS is 5. Five times the spend is returned.

On average a very strong ROAS is somewhere in the 4-to-10 range. Our department showed a strong ROAS of 20-30 depending on the industry, and clients, with enormous wins up to 80 times their ad spend.

Our team’s approach to media has long since been focused through a strategic lens, and as we continue to sharpen our skills and produce content, that intensely magnifies our ability to produce fantastic results.


Whether you have set yourself goals or targets, Click-Through-Rates (or CTRs) are involved in every single campaign you run. In many cases, we use CTRs as a core metric when measuring the success of traffic volume and so much more.

For CTRs, the industry average, and an unarguably good number is somewhere around 3-4% in search clicks, to which we topped with 4-5%. As for display ads, we surpassed the industry average of 0.5% with a whopping 2-4% over the course of that month.

These metrics are fantastic to measure campaigns. Additionally, the better your CTR is, the cheaper the cost-per-click becomes for your dollar, stretching budgets to bigger numbers through successes.

Month-Over-Month Growth

For clients that we work with for a long span of time, we like to measure and report month-over-month stats for returns on investment. That includes the entire department as a whole rather than breaking down each stat individually.

During this month shared here, our month-over-month growth was 5% in returns across the board.

As for spending, our growth continues skyward. We saw multiple months with 20-plus-percent growth in spend and set a new internal record for single-month spending this summer. As we progress in our adventure to scale, our large list of media clients is expanding evermore.

Two Tremendous Trends

#1 – Ecommerce expansion The value of building digital ecosystems is verified by trends showing that ecommerce is growing — with the last year showing a 23% Year-over-Year growth. It is more important than ever to be present on a variety of platforms and channels to make an impact.

#2 – Shopping trending offline again Even with the return of normalcy, ecommerce is not going anywhere. It is more important than ever to understand that brands no longer have an offline or an online customer, they have a customer. More than 70% of respondents from a Google study said that their shopping journey involves online touchpoints and that digital will be a critical part of their journey whether they shop online or in-store.

If you’re looking for advice from our media team, or just want to brag alongside us, reach out!