Taylor Lowe, AntiSocial’s newest member of the project management team, comes from an award-winning event production company. She’s a huge fan of the hyphen and, we’re pretty sure, spends her time off thinking of the perfect way to craft an email.

Taylor has the mentality that people come first and swears by the phrase, “lead by example.” She’s passionate, driven, and delightful. We sat down with Taylor to talk about her career, what it takes to make it in marketing, and grab some advice for anyone entering the industry.

Taylor Lowe Project Manager AntiSocial

When we asked Taylor how she got started at AntiSocial, she laughs “after a few, long months of hounding the employees I knew for a job.”

TL: “I was introduced to the company when a colleague asked me to do a photoshoot with the outerwear company Nobis, who was one of AntiSocial’s clients at the time. I chatted with Brody Harrison, who was a content strategist, and Nicole Wei, who is now our Content Marketing Manager. At the time, I was applying for other jobs, trying to make my way into the industry. I had been travelling and pursuing a digital lead at Cactus Club and with a background in social media management for events, it made sense to pursue marketing. But, after seeing the team work on the Nobis photoshoot – I knew AntiSocial was where I wanted to be.”

You mentioned that you didn’t get an interview right away?

TL: “I reached out to Nicole and I reached out to Brody but nothing immediate came from it. I guess they weren’t hiring, but after about a million incessant emails I was connected with Daryl Louie (AntiSocial’s CEO) and began the interview process. Daryl told me to read this book on digital marketing before my interview… And then was surprised when I walked into the room with seven pages of notes.”

Needless to say, Taylor was hired onto AntiSocial’s social team that day.

How did you get involved with social media marketing, to begin with?

TL: “Social was my favourite part of my degree. I took the Marketing Communications program at BCIT and I always did the social media aspect of group projects, which included brand strategy, social media development, and campaigns. I liked writing and speaking, and social media was a combination of the two.”

Where did you go after you graduated?

TL: “I was working for Change Heroes, a for-profit non-profit doing all of their social media as well as blog writing. I also did social media management for Cactus Club Cafe and did sponsorship and social media coordination at BrandLive, where I got my background in event marketing.”

Recently, you moved from the social media team into project management. Tell us about your experience on AntiSocial’s social team?

TL: “I have a love-hate relationship with the fast-paced nature of the social industry. I like the connections that are built around the world with social media… That it’s a possibility to connect with anyone around the world that has access to social media. I love that it’s available to almost everyone. I would say my experience was fast-paced, rewarding, and engaging.”

What about challenges?

TL: “A healthy work-life balance. Social media is always on. You have to make the distinct choice to let it go. Sometimes, you need to tell yourself it’s just one Instagram post. That being said, if there’s a mistake, you can fix it. It’s not like print, social media is live so you can adjust and pivot whenever you need to.”

Taylor Lowe Project Manager AntiSocial

What do you personally think about the influx of brands using social media to market themselves?

TL: “I dislike what social media has become for a lot of brands… There’s a lot of companies that have stayed true to their ethos, but there’s some that are using it as a facade to become something they’re not. They’re signing partnerships for the money, not because they believe in the product or service.

I only follow personal profiles and brands that are true to themselves, brands that stay true to their own experiences. And that carries over into my professional life, too. I’m a huge believer in authenticity. With Jetlines, for example, we only post facts that cut through the noise. We’re giving people true information about the company, which is what the audience wants.”

What advice would you give someone just entering the social media marketing industry?

TL: “Be ready to put in the work – and the time. Your phone is always going to be on and it is always going to be within arms reach. Be excited about the challenge. Be proud of the pieces you get to contribute to.

And make the choice to let it go… Consciously choose to turn your phone off. Having someone who supports you in work and in life helps a lot.”

Taylor Lowe Project Manager AntiSocial

Tell us about your transition to project management.

TL: “I was approached by Daryl for the position, and no he did not make me read another book. I have fundamental email and writing experience, I have organizational skills, and I love working collectively on projects. So, naturally, it makes more sense for me to be that person to my team.”

What do you like about project management?

TL: “I love organization and I love colour coordination. I love highlighting, I love crafting emails, I love problem-solving. I like the challenge project management brings and I like leadership a lot, which was a huge draw for me. In social, it’s weird but you’re alone. In project management, you’re social all the time. You work with every single department – you’re constantly communicating. I like learning ways to communicate with different individuals, figuring out ways to connect.”

I also love contributing to someone else’s success. Working with a team is so rewarding. You get to see individuals grow and fail and pick themselves back up. It’s amazing.

What challenges have you encountered?

TL: “Getting negative feedback can be really hard. I don’t like producing work that doesn’t make the cut, but that happens sometimes – it’s part of the process. Removing the personal aspect from constructive criticism is sometimes a challenge as well – I’m an emotional person and learning the difference has been huge.”

“Also, project management takes up a lot of room in your brain. This is tricky, especially if you try to lead a social life outside of work as well. If you forget to write it down, it’s gone. Trying to remember everything you need to do for each client and where you need to be at 7 PM on Friday can be overwhelming.”

Taylor Lowe Project Manager AntiSocial
Taylor recreates The Grinch scene of Cindy Lou Who under a stack of presents for Parlour.

What advice do you have for someone entering a project management role?

TL: “Learn how to write in a proper email format. Seriously, just do it. Use proper punctuation and a professional tone. Only be playful when it’s appropriate.

Listening is huge. Maintain listening skills and proper engagement. People are going to give you feedback you don’t want to hear. You need to take it and say nothing until that person is done. The same goes for bad ideas – listen until the end, no matter how terrible. Listen when it’s good, bad, ugly, and fabulous. Sometimes someone choosing to tell you is hard enough for them.”

And, find an organization tool or practice that works for you. Maybe it’s an app or a notebook, maybe you’re really great with your Google calendar – find a process that works for you and your team and stick to it.”

Taylor’s parting words ring true for every employee at AntiSocial:

“I’m grateful because a lot of my success has come from a company that allows growth and allows freedom. It allows conversation. I couldn’t have gotten where I am today if that didn’t exist.”