We’re excited to announce our Toronto office is expanding with our new Sales Executive Meghan Kraft! Meghan brings her unique skill set to our digital marketing team and clients across Ontario. A serial entrepreneur, excelling in both creative and business, she’s a business owner, designer, content producer, marketing director and team leader. She’s passionate about her community and people, both locally and internationally.

A Bachelor of Science in Human and Animal Behaviour has given Meghan a unique perspective on consumer behaviour, allowing her to use this knowledge to take the brands she works with beyond the normal scope of consumerism.

Through the creation of her brands Illbury & Goose and Chai Atelier, Meghan was able to use her platform as a designer, marketer and producer to promote ethically and socially conscious products.

Illbury & Goose is a lifestyle brand rooted in Canadian entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for Canadian small businesses and artisans to grow and scale in a way they couldn’t independently.

Chai Atelier, inspired by Meghan’s travels in India, is a line of ethically-sourced resort wear, connecting urban, fashion-forward consumers with the most exotic travel destinations on the planet and the people who live there.

From startup to nationally-known, she succeeded in building both these brands. From concept and creative, to planning and research, to collaborating with Toronto designers and travelling to India to build relationships with sustainable manufacturers and artisans.

Her latest community-focused project, Design by Toronto, brought together the best and brightest creatives in Toronto. Meghan conceptualized, curated, and produced this interactive art and fashion pop-up, which saw Toronto’s industry influencers, brands and designs all come together.

Meghan’s talent, ambition and values perfectly match the core of our agency. Her commitment to local community and international vision paired with her abilities to build her own businesses, manage a brand, and collaborate with people of all kinds make her a dynamic fit for our team. This is why we’re excited to see what she accomplishes with our team, our clients and our community.

“Over the last seven years, I’ve been driven by my love of helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow to be the best they can be. I can’t wait to continue this journey with the AntiSocial team and their clients.” – Meghan, Sales Executive