My Moe's: A Campaign with Personality

My Moe’s is a campaign for Moe’s, a Vancouver-based furniture store. The campaign focuses on individuals within Vancouver’s community who use Moe’s for their businesses. It’s a chance to highlight the creative people who frequent Moe’s, to tell their story and show how a brand can support the people within their community.

We spotlighted three individuals for the Moe’s Home My Moe’s campaign from three very different industries. Translating their personalities and distinct styles into a visual narrative was a creative challenge we were happy to take on.

We sat down with Warren Fenton to discuss the My Moe’s campaign.

How do you find that the different industries and personalities translated through the media we created?

Warren Fenton: “Because the individuals all came from different places and had different usages of the resources provided from Moes, they were always going to be different stories. The different personalities add to that, too. Iani, for example, is all about hospitality. He’s all about creating a place that feels comfortable and homey — a good place to enjoy with friends or family. You enjoy the food as well as hospitality. He’s not just decorating for aesthetics, he’s decorating for the use of the space. We showcased his home life, trying to translate it means to be a second-generation restaurant owner. He was really welcoming and friendly. This image they have of being a friendly Greek restaurant isn’t a show or put on, it’s who they genuinely are as people.

Cristobal Ruiz [the videographer who shot this campaign] is always really good at translating people’s personalities into a visual. Any of the b-roll we filmed for this was his idea. For Iani, we chose to highlight family because that’s what Iani’s story is, essentially, about.”

The quick-cuts of semi-blurry photos at the beginning of Iani’s video are reminiscent of flipping through an old family album.

Plus, the cameo by Iani’s father, Thomas Makris, felt almost like peering into someone else’s family’s memory.

The overall feel of this video is, in part, like a home movie. All of it — the quick cuts, the jaunty music, the family shots — work together to translate Iani’s playful personality and the general ambiance of The Greek.

Iani’s sense of humour comes through the video, too — a stack of plates crashing down in the beginning scenes? Over the top hilarious fun. And yes, it’s all very Greek.

My Moes Campaign

Sydney and Aleem, however, were different in tone as they are both much more of individualists. In some ways, they are more serious.

WF: “With Sydney, the second half of the video is focused outdoors, placing her in this ‘West Coast Wonderland’. You can tell that it really inspires her personal aesthetic, almost acting as an artistic direction.”

My-Moes Campaign

WF: “Everyone’s video reflects their personalities.

With Sydney’s, it’s interesting to see her draw connection and inspiration from where she lives. Cristobal leaned into that — the elements of her home feel cozy and calm, and the water scenes are cool and tranquil — it really comes through.

It’s a West Coast feel, like chunky sweaters and toques. She has a lot of reach and power to influence style in other people and she states that if she doesn’t personally like a product, she won’t endorse it. She’s finding inspiration from where she lives and integrating the products from Moe’s seamlessly with that inspiration in mind.”

WF: “Aleem is a different one. Iani has a big personality but its very family-based. Aleem is a big personality all by himself. I met him for about five minutes, it feels like he fills the room. He uses Moe’s like a palate — he’s a designer, pulling things from Moe’s to use. In the video, there’s more backstory with him because that story is very relevant to get across in his video — it took him a while to figure out his style and vision. That’s his whole job and a huge part of his personality. We thought it was important to show that. And he’s an over the top guy in his own way — where Sydney is cozy and laid back, Aleem is very stylized.”

Aleem’s video trends towards the dramatic — the video opens with a top-down shot of Aleem crashing into a bed. Then, standing in front of a window, slowly opening the blinds. It uses strife and tension to communicate Aleem’s sensational personality and style. Christine Michele discussed the use of the raw, phone call recording that was sampled in a previous blog article.

WF: “It all suits him, he’s willing to reach out and take risks.

When people are hiring an interior designer they want something different. He has an incredible eye for putting things together in a cohesive way — everything is very distinctive and has a big draw but he puts it together in a connected way. He even dressed up to match the locations we shot in.

His space matches his personal style and his personality — it’s all an extension of himself.”

Aleem’s video was shot with this in mind. In a way, it is also an extension of himself.

Translating personality through visual media made these projects not only true to their subjects but also created a compelling piece of digital media.

My Moes Campaign