Telling an emotional brand story through video.

We sat down with Project Manager Christine Michelle to discuss the recent My Moe’s campaign she has been managing. Alongside Creative Director Cristobal Ruiz, Christine produced a dynamic, emotionally compelling video featuring interior designer Aleem Kassam and Moe’s, a Vancouver furniture store. Christine discusses creative techniques, emotional footage, and the process behind telling a brand story through video.

Christine, the My Moe’s video featuring Aleem Kassam is unlike most other furniture brand stories. How did this video come to be?

Christine Michelle: “Moe’s came to us with an idea for a My Moe’s campaign that would highlight different ways in which people use their products to tell their brand story. We came back with some ideas, essentially to highlight people from different industries and walks of life who are all Moe’s customers. 

But, when Cristobal Ruiz and I met to ideate the video campaign we wanted to take it to another level. We found that in a lot of advertising these days, there’s so much focus on the product and not actual stories that make people want to listen. People want to have that connection. We wanted to humanize the product.”

How did you choose the ambassadors highlighted in this campaign?

CM: “Two of the people who are part of the campaign — Iani and Sydney — came as a suggestions from Moe’s. The third spot was left open for us to decide and someone had mentioned that an interior designer’s perspective could be interesting. Aleem is a friend of mine who inspires me creatively through his work but also through his personal style and the way he approaches life. 

I reached out to Aleem. Then, it was a matter of showing the client that the video would benefit with the subject being the person instead of the brand itself. We chose a 90/10 split between focusing on Aleem and Moe’s brand.”

We felt like audiences would connect with our story better and respect Moe’s as a brand more for taking the approach of highlighting a creative individual instead of making a hard sell.

brand story my moes home collection aleem kassam

Aleem’s My Moe’s video includes both a professionally recorded voice over and what sounds like the audio of a recorded phone call. Can you tell us why that approach was taken?

CM: “As a producer, I’ve found that in other, previous projects I’ve worked on, I get a lot more emotionally raw information from people in a pre-interview than on camera. So, we decided not to tell the ambassadors that we were recording them during the pre-interview but rather got their permission after the fact. We ended up with raw, honest recordings.

We wanted to use both types of audio — the pre-interview on the phone as well as the properly produced audio recorded while we were filming. Cameras make people nervous and apprehensive — their answers can come across as calculated.

We wanted raw audio bites of these people when they were telling their stories and not overthinking what they were saying.

By adding the subtitles we achieved that multimedia feel of hearing the crackling, raw audio and voice while seeing the story unfold on screen in clarity. The audience is engaged both through visual and audio aspects.

Plus, people often view videos without sound so the subtitles allow people to understand what they’re seeing wherever they are, enticing them to watch the full video with sound later on.”

Instagram Stories viewed with the sound on rank for just over half at 60%.

Brand story my moes home collection aleem kassam

What were you hoping to accomplish with this campaign?

CM: “The idea, in terms of accomplishment, is A. about creating a piece of content that is engaging and B. about showcasing the diversity of not only the products but also their price points and the different ways they can be used. We chose three different people from different backgrounds and career paths specifically for this. 

An upcoming video featuring The Greek shows how the restaurant uses accent pieces, throws, pillows, and other things that heighten the restaurant and what they’re doing. It’s not about beautiful interior design like Aleem’s. And another video will feature Sydney and how she uses smaller products to connect with and engage her audience as an influencer and a blogger. That video will be much more about styling and the different ways you can use Moe’s products.”

CM: “Moes has three levels at their flgaship store. There are beautiful things that myself, as a young media agency employee, can afford to bring into my own space and other things that a luxury designer can furnish their spaces with. We wanted to tell that through a story rather than just bluntly saying it out loud. The result was a brand story people can relate to.”