Recently, we realized we needed more than one media reel.

Media reels, created and designed to showcase your talents, provide potential clients with an idea of what you and your team are capable of. We’ve often created reels which encompass all of our best work — but what happens when your work spans multiple industries?

Our experience ranges from the food industry to the real estate market, along with specializations in the medical field marketing things like cannabis and health and fitness along the way. We knew we had to reorganize our reel content.

So, our team decided the most efficient way to show off each of the industries we specialize in would be to create a reel specific to that industry. Through these, we could better let our clients see exactly what we could do for them. Cristobal Ruiz took care of creative direction with input from Tommy Watson, who also created the motion graphics and acted as an editorial assistant, Project Manager Scott Mackay provided guidance from the sales team.

The trio combined objectives from the sales and media teams to create the series of videos. The results are a succinct, 30-second example of our best media work, all edited for consistency and coupled with a strong musical background.

“We have completed four mini-reels so far, and are in the process of creating more to cover our wide range of clients. Every time we shoot we’re coming back with reel-quality pieces — the standard keeps our media production elevated.” – Cristobal Ruiz, Creative Director

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is massive. It covers everything, from the moment crops are planted into the ground to when you sit down to a meal or take that first drink. The history is there behind each dinner party you throw and cheers you make — every single piece of produce passing from a farmer to a transporter, to a store owner, to a chef, and finally, to you has a story.

Capturing all of our work within the food and beverage industry is no simple task. We’ve worked with large chain grocery stores like Save-On-Foods, product lines such as Western Family, restaurants with family-friendly vibes like White Spot and Triple O’s, and places that cater towards an urban demographic, like the Parlour. The sophisticated hotel chain The Fairmont has used our services, as has the B2B and B2C company, Open Table. Being able to immerse ourselves into vastly different brands is something we pride ourselves on.

But, whether we’re shooting champagne popping, a summer barbeque, or the story of a potato farmer, one thing remains the same: our quality of work.

Real Estate

Real Estate is so much more than simply showing off a property. To sell a home, an office building, a neighbourhood, your audience needs to be able to see themselves there, living a life they’ve dreamt of. And they need to trust that you, as a real estate company or realtor, can sell them the lifestyle they crave.

We have helped companies like Oakwyn Real Estate to communicate their authentic brand to their audience, humanize their corporation, and ultimately, sell homes.

Health and Fitness

The health and fitness industry is, at its core, about movement. Capturing movement and framing it in a powerful and motivational way is where our cinematographers excel. Whether it’s using a drone to get top-down footage of a surfer on the west coast of Canada, or a steady cam and a good pair of running shoes to film sprints along Vancouver’s seawall, our team works out creative solutions to get the perfect shot.

The global health and fitness industry is booming, leading to an increased need for brand marketing. Helping businesses and brands to find their niche within this industry and then speak to that audience with compelling content is where we fit in.


Cannabis is never just cannabis. The history behind the plant itself gives weight to an otherwise innocuous herb. Now, cannabis’ current political state demands marketing that accurately represents the legalities involved and, just as importantly, the ethos at the centre of the brand. There’s an increased need for honesty in marijuana marketing, above all else.

We have worked with cannabis sellers who range from medicinal-focused online delivery companies to holistic brands that sell a lifestyle instead of a product.

To find out more about the industries we specialize in, give us a call.