Staying on Top with SEO Updates

Make your brand stand out from the crowd with the latest SEO updates. In the digital age, your business strategy has to include Search Engine Optimization practices.

Of course, like anything on the internet, SEO is a constantly changing landscape. You’ve gotta keep up! We’ve compiled a list of 2020’s top SEO trends to help you stay in the know.

What to Expect in 2020

Google’s BERT Algorithm

Google’s newest algorithm update came in October of 2019. BERT is a new technology that understands searches as language-based decisions, rather than simply targetting keywords. 

Here’s an example from Google of a search for: “2019 brazil traveller to USA need a visa”. Previous Google algorithms would not understand that the word “to” is integral to the query and would often mix up where the searcher intended to go. With BERT, this nuance is understood and the top result is the most relevant.

infographic from Google that shows the new BERT algorithm understanding a search query

What does this mean for SEO?

Google has always maintained that web writers should optimize for the users and not for the search engines. What will be increasingly important is clear, straightforward content, topic clustering, and well-targeted keywords.

More and more, Google is moving towards a focus on quality, accuracy, and user-friendliness in written content. With the introduction of BERT, search engines will be better equipped to understand the language of search queries and hopefully begin to better direct users to the content that they are looking for (which if you’re producing quality work, will be yours).

Boosting Visual Searches

Visual searching is finally starting to lift off with Google Lens already hitting 1 billion uses. A recent study found that 62% of young consumers are interested in using visual search tech more than traditional search methods.

The biggest component of visual search optimization is using image SEO. Use descriptive file names and make sure to write alt text for every image that you use.

Other visual search optimization factors include:

  1. Freshness. Web pages that have been recently updated will be prioritized.
  2. Page authority. Reputable, established pages will continue to see the highest search results.
  3. Featured images. Images central or higher up on the page will be ranked higher.
hand holds up phone for image search at the Lourve in Paris, France
AntiSocial Solutions graph showing number of voice assistants used worldwide from 2019 to 2023

Optimizing for Voice Search

As Digital Voice Assistants become common in households, understanding their position in SEO is increasingly important.

Here are some of the top strategies to optimize SEO for Voice Search:

  • Rank high. Studies show that Google tends to source its voice search answers from the top 3 search results.
  • Q&A. Most voice searches are posed in the form of questions. If your content contains a question phrase and an answer, then voice assistants will prioritize that page. FAQ pages perform the highest in voice searches.
  • Featured snippets. Data has found that 4 out of 10 voice search results come directly from featured snippets. So get your site up there!

As for keywords, question-related keywords are your best friend in voice search. Try to use words like how, what, why, and where. As well, long-tail keywords that complete a question are important to include.

Remember to think about how people use voice searches when determining your keywords. Voice search is a language-based system and conversational, language-like content will get your results up first.

Reign Supreme

Even with all of the new trends in SEO, there are still two factors that reign over all: Content and Links.

If your content isn’t awesome, you’re never going to build links. And if you aren’t getting backlinked, you won’t make it to the front page– which means voice and visual searches will never find you.

More than ever, good SEO is about high-quality content, well-researched writing, and connecting with your communities through call-backs and links. Not sure if your content is delivering the best results? Reach out to us! We have a team of talented SEO specialists and content writers that can bring you to the front page.

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