Marketing gimmicks that play off of environmentalism are so hot right now.

Purpose marketing can be funny, too. Check out the new & weird marketing campaigns we’ve stumbled across this week below.

Canned Water by Pepsi

In a plan to eliminate 8,000 metric tons of virgin plastic, Pepsi has announced certain packaging changes. They’re testing a method of selling their Aquafina water in cans instead of bottles. Aquafina (rivalled by Coca Cola’s Dasani) corners a huge portion of the bottled water market so if this packaging shift catches on it could make a significant difference.

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been outspoken about climate change for a long while. He’s kind of a marketing guru with environmentalism — stating a slight shift in word choice, from ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Pollution’, has astronomical effects. Schwarzenegger conducted polls where 17-20% of people acknowledged climate change as a real threat, but when he changed the name to ‘pollution’ the numbers jumped to 50%. The issues have largely the same solution (reduce carbon emissions), but the public perception of each widely varies.

In an effort to continue to fight climate change, Arnie teamed up with Veloz for the ‘Kicking Gas’ campaign and went undercover as a used car salesman. One of his reps stated that a serious video “isn’t as effective as going ridiculous and putting a mustache on Arnold.” And they’re right.

The Marrot.

Beyond Meat has hit fast food restaurants with a bang. It seems like these days everyone has a vegetarian burger option — everyone except Arby’s, that is. The meat carrot, or ‘Marrot’, created by Arby’s is a direct response to the plant-based proteins that everyone seems to be talking about.

The Marrot is, arguably, not great for the environment. It is, however, hilarious. And not to mention very on-brand for Arby’s whose slogan is “we have the meats”.