Nobis launched in 2007 with an immediate impact on the luxury outerwear market. They hit the ground running with outerwear that excelled in function and fashion. While the luxury niche is most associated with expensive aesthetics, Nobis is designed to be versatile and authentic in both use and style. Nobis is Latin for “us”; the brand shares a vision that we’re all together regardless of where we are in the world. Operating for just over ten years, this Canadian brand can be found in 40 countries and is made by pioneering textiles from Canada and abroad.

“We are passionate about the integration of technical outerwear and classic fashion. With Nobis, never sacrifice style for functionality. We bring functional and technical elements together with meticulous tailoring, investing in the details. Classic fitted silhouettes are reinterpreted as performance outerwear, always designed for global movement and unpredictable weather. Material innovations with cotton, nylon, leather, and wool also contribute to versatile pieces that afford you the luxury of going anywhere.”nobis

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Communicating a quiet tenacity

While aesthetics and performance are typically thought of as opposites, the Nobis visuals silently convey the strength to carry both into any environment. Their outerwear can walk through a blizzard and still be comfortable in the cafe you duck into. The style blends in on the subway and at the gala you arrive at. Nobis is luxury, but not in the obvious sense. The brand is closer to a Rolex or Range Rover; subtle, yet refined. Both have timeless yet modern styling and can handle any situation; feeling at home anywhere from the arctic circle to a black-tie event.

The photography work that we produce for Nobis captures this duality; the outerwear and model are set against a variety of city backdrops resulting in a seamless aesthetic, not a contrasting one. We directed the campaign through the evolving urban environments. Captions are succinct, letting the photo do the talking. The Nobis Instagram will also feature photos from the Nobis community that share the brand ethos. When someone invests in Nobis outerwear, they know its usage is more valuable than its look, which is communicated through their Instagram.

Below are photos created by the Nobis Instagram community:

@Vic_Bab catching a peaceful view in Amsterdam!

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Strolling into the weekend. (📷 @camillecartwright)

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