More Work, More Play

At AntiSocial, we take digital marketing very seriously, but we never take ourselves seriously. In fact, staying loose is what keeps us creative. From our relaxed office lifestyle to our ambitious creative projects, we stay true to ourselves and to our craft. Life is too short to be stuffy!

One way that we nurture creativity in our office is through staff media projects. Getting together and creating for the sake of fun is great for morale. Plus, we have made some pretty entertaining stuff. Enjoy this collection of our favourite staff projects and have a laugh, on us.

Uber in Vancouver

The AntiSocial roster is stacked full of talented creatives. We have writers, directors, boss babes, and even our very own rapper, Ekke Kanda.

To welcome Uber to Vancouver (finally) our boy Ekke made an original track. Our in-house editing team paired his music with some great footage and hype text overlay. The result is one of the catchiest videos of the year. Don’t believe us? Listen for yourself.

Good luck getting this one out of your head!

Daily Hive x AntiSocial: The Mannequin Challenge

AntiSocial is extremely proud to work in a talented city like Vancouver. Collaborating with local agencies is part of our commitment to supporting the place that made us, us.

Check out this fun collab we created with Daily Hive during the buzz of the 2016 mannequin challenge. It was awesome to see both of our teams come together to create something challenging, fun, and creative, just for the heck of it! Way to go, team.

A Message from our Director of Paid Advertising, Matt Ciniello

A while back, we asked AntiSocial online ad superstar Matt Ciniello to put together a video explaining how to drive success in holiday marketing campaigns. He did an… interesting job.

Enjoy this short video of Matt trying to do words and his wife cheering him on (with laughter) in the background.

AntiSocial's Dance the Slurp Campaign

Because of the creative capacity of our team, we often get asked to use our staff as models, voice actors, dancers, and more.

The 7-11 Dance the Slurp campaign was a great project that melded our internal culture with our external products. Our social team joined forces to choreograph, practice, and Dance the Slurp. Thanks to Melissa, Aisha, Nicole, Taylor, Oli, Ekke, and Aayush for slaying this campaign. Check the moves!

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