In the digital media industry, you need to be able to laugh at yourself. At AntiSocial, part of our office culture is celebrating the small stuff.

Working in a digital media marketing agency, life can be hectic. During our busy times, it’s important that we remember to take time to relax. A continuous state of work is, interestingly enough, counter-productive to your productivity — taking a break can actually be the best thing to do when you have a heavy workload. And, our office culture heavily revolves around our canine coworkers. With this in mind, when Content Marketing Manager Nicole Wei invited us to her dog-daughter, Rosie Rosé’s fifth birthday party, we jumped at the chance.

Good office culture = dog parties.

After the party, we sat down with Nicole to talk about Rosie Rosé.

Nicole Wei: “Part of Rosie’s highlights in her life are socializing with the dogs and humans at the office. Every time I say ‘are you ready to go to the office’ she cocks her head in pure excitement and joy.”

It’s clear when she steps into the office, too. Her tail wags so hard her entire body moves.

NW: “Dogs are a big part of our culture, and celebrating them is fun. It’s relaxing. Amidst a very busy time of year for us, it’s important to celebrate the funny things in life — like a dog’s 5th birthday party. At this job, you can’t take everything too seriously or you’ll get too stressed out.”

Anyone who has visited the AntiSocial headquarters knows there are always a few dogs roaming around. We work in a pup-friendly, open office space and often that leads to some funny moments throughout the day. Rosie Rosé’s fifth birthday, however, was one of the funniest dog-centred antics that has happened all year.

Besides the dogs all having their own party hats and special balloon-and-banner decorations for Rosie, there was a dog-friendly carrot cake.

NW: “My mom wanted to make Rosie a cake and thought the other dogs could enjoy it as well, so she brought it to the office. It was AntiSocial’s first dog party. Rosie was very happy.”

The first (and definitely not the last) puppy birthday pawty at AntiSocial was a huge success. Rosie Rosé’s tail has never wagged so hard and we got some hilarious photos of dogs in birthday hats.


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Celebrated my 5th Birthday with a puppy pawty at the offfice! 🎉💕🐾

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