By creating a symbiotic loop of advertising, OpenTable uses B2B marketing to inspire B2C conversions for their clients.

In the early days, OpenTable was an anomaly. Opening in 1998, by 1999 they had roughly 20 San Fransisco restaurants available for booking on their website. Using this kind of technology in ’99 (predating the first iPhone by almost ten years) for restaurant reservations was largely unprecedented. The resulting booking service had a split audience: both the diners looking for an easy-access restaurant reservation system and the restaurants who wanted their names first and foremost on the system.

Today, their audience is still both the diner and the restaurant, but OpenTable has become a global success. They offer their services almost worldwide, connecting 26 million hungry people with open tables across continents every month.

A conversion within a conversion.

When working with OpenTable, we created video footage showing the talent behind some of their Vancouver customers, like Hawksworth and Salvio Volpe. This video footage was used in OpenTable’s YouTube pre-roll, a highly effective form of advertising.

Simple, Yet Effective

When OpenTable promotes their customers on their marketing content, it begins as a classic B2B tactic — show other businesses what your business can do for them. In this case, we were showing other Vancouver restaurants who OpenTable was working with. The quality of work OpenTable was doing was reflected in the premium quality of the video we produced for them. The message? Successful businesses work with OpenTable.

Symbiotic Loops

The B2B tactic also works simultaneously as a B2C tactic for OpenTable’s customers, which is exactly what OpenTable is selling (once you work with us, you will get more business). When people see a beautifully shot video of Hawksworth’s food, they want to eat there. They’re seeing the video on OpenTable’s channel, and so associating making a reservation with them through OpenTable. And, the opportunity for a conversion within a conversion is created.