Purpus: Not Just Another Vodka Soda

Purpus strives to be different, to break away from the status quo, and to show the world that they’re not just another vodka soda.

So, with this in mind, Photographer Shannon Elmit, Project Manager Taylor Lowe, Social Manager Nicole Wei, and Content Strategist Michael Panes executed an over-the-top photoshoot.

We sat down with Shannon Elmit to discuss the shoot.

Shannon, when you were first discussing this shoot, what stuck out to you?

Shannon Elmit: “They didn’t want to follow the status quo of what a typical vodka soda beverage has been doing, like a clean crisp photo featuring hot people in a nice apartment. They didn’t want to recreate what’s already been done — they stand out.”

Purpus’ brand revolves around doing things on Purpus — not following the crowd or making passive choices. They’re about actively deciding on what direction your life, or even just your day, will take. Oh, and having fun while you’re at it.

As their marketing team, we also realized quickly that different demographics were buying specific flavours. We pivoted from an all-product-encompassing marketing approach to one that highlighted the individual products. By creating different personas for each product, we’re able to speak to that particular audience. It also injected an element of comicality and outrageousness into the shoots.

SE: “Each flavour has a different persona — we represent each of them with cheeky photography, which included a standard product photo with a seamless backdrop — but we surrounded each can with items that represent their personality. For example, with Prosperous Peach we had money, gold chains, and jewellery. The simple backdrop with props gives the photo a cleaner look.”

The “cleaner look” Shannon is referring to serves to highlight the product and props even more.

SE: “Then, we moved into taking photos of [the Purpus cans] in lifestyle situations. With Purpus, there are few reservations about being extravagant. For example, we took a photo of a fridge full of [Purpus cans]. They weren’t looking for realistic lifestyle photos — it was more like imaginative lifestyle photos.”

Shannon explains further that they took regular lifestyle photo situations — like a fridge or a bed — and made them extravagant. The fridge is ridiculously packed with Purpus cans and where one might have a romantic shot of a woman falling into bed, they’ve replaced the model with a Purpus can.

SE: “Things got ridiculous — we had Michael in the bath with a unicorn hat on — that prop was a request from their marketing director, Tyler. The contrast of Michael’s hairy legs in a seductive bubble bath… Every photo, there was a twist to it. There was something extreme to every photo in a sense, they were all average photos with an extreme twist.”

Purpus’ commitment to celebrating life with purpose, in whatever offbeat or unconventional way appeals to you, comes through their photo set.

SE: “They use humour and extravagance… I feel like there was no limit to the ridiculousness and that’s their brand.”