At AntiSocial Solutions, we love to create fresh, new, and exciting content that elevates our client’s campaigns.

Content creation is a complex process and it all starts with pre-production. To give an inside look at our internal practices, we put together this video explaining why we think the pre-production process is so important. Plus, read on to learn more tips on planning, strategizing, and executing creative photo and video content.

Tips for Successful Pre-Production

Pre-production is the planning stage of content creation that helps us outline our ideas as well as what our on-site shooting processes will look like.

At AntiSocial, we love to work together. We always tackle pre-production as a team and make sure that everyone’s vision is aligned with the client’s goals. Here are a few key pre-production details to remember:

1. Work with a team

Collaboration is the backbone of our industry! We know that working between departments and sharing ideas is the best way to create quality content. That’s why we always make sure we assemble a diverse team to tackle our pre-production process.

By gathering feedback from Producers, Videographers, Creative Directors, and more, we ensure that we get diverse input along with cohesion across all of our projects.

When starting your own pre-production process, make sure you collaborate, welcome new ideas, and get feedback from your peers. Great campaigns are made by great teams!


2. Map out the details

Successful content creation starts with detailed planning. Our pre-production process gives us the opportunity to plan out our on-site shoots, making sure that everything goes smoothly.

From shot lists to storyboards, mapping, and more, quality content needs strong pre-production planning!

The more you can map out before the shoot, the better! On-the-spot changes can be helpful, but it’s hard to get anywhere without an initial outline. Come prepared so you can enjoy the shooting process!


3. Encourage creativity!

The best part of collaborating is the opportunity for new ideas! At AntiSocial, we always welcome creative pivots and new ways of thinking.

If you’re planning a creative shoot, campaign, or just a fun project to pass the time, try to get feedback from multiple sources. Taking the time to hear new ideas can help you think of creative ways to improve your project.

Ultimately, working together is what keeps our content fresh. Collaboration, creativity, and meticulous planning are the most important parts of the pre-production process.

Are you looking to create some high-quality photo or video content? Contact us! Let’s get creative together.