The holiday season is here! It’s Christmas crunch-time, so it’s important to use these last few weeks to prepare your clients, staff, and business for the new year. 

No one wants to be left behind in 2019. Use these straightforward strategies to wrap-up projects, finalize deals, and prepare your business for a fresh year of success.

And don’t forget to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones! You’ve earned it, boss.


Client wrap-ups, vacation requests, and last-minute deadlines.

Communication is the key to any good relationship– business or otherwise. So, make sure you stay on top of your emails, phone calls, meeting invites, staff requests, client calls, holiday parties, deadline changes… whoa. Are you feeling it too?

Not to worry. This time of year, we all feel the pressure. The best way to prepare your business for the holidays is to prepare yourself first. Make sure that you set aside adequate time for organizing projects, tending to vacation requests, and communicating directly with staff and clients. 

Here are a few handy communication tips for your business:

  • Schedule meetings. Touching base with clients and staff is a great way to ensure clear communication. Meetings also designate time to focus on specific tasks, which can be helpful if you are swimming in a sea of must-do’s.
  • Delegate. You can’t do it all on your own. Empower your team to drive client communication and assign tasks where needed. The power of teamwork prevails, especially through the holidays.
  • Stay positive. If you jump now, the whole ship will sink, and no one wants to spend their holidays crying. Stay strong for your team and take care of yourself! Setting goals, managing teams, and organizing communication will help to ease your stress and move you through this hectic season.
  • Innovate. Great communication starts with team organization. Check out AntiSocial’s Top 10 Productivity Apps for great ways to implement organizational tools in your company. 


Show us what you’re made of!

No year is complete without a final review. Whether you are wrapping up the year to show your team their successes or presenting final reviews to clients after a long project, it’s time to pull out the big guns and end the year with a bang.

When preparing your end-of-year review, make sure to highlight these key points:

  • What was successful?
  • What could be improved?
  • Growth traffic, stats, and rates
  • Highlight team members and campaigns
  • Projections for the new year

Pro tip: Stay positive even when describing the challenges. The great thing about analytical reviews is that it gives us data to drive change, and innovation is the backbone of creation!

Staff Recognition

Awarding exceptional work and achievements.

Everyone has been working hard this year and it’s time to let your team know they are appreciated. Holiday parties, bonuses, and vacation approvals are all great ways to let your staff know how important they are to your business.

When deciding on your recognition plan, be sure to keep it meaningful, sincere, and realistic. Highlight the challenges that your company faced, but also remind them how hard they worked to overcome those challenges. 

Don’t forget about the wins! At the end of a long year, it is important to remember how much you’ve accomplished. 

Happy staff make for happy clients! Don’t forget that your team makes your business possible. 

Planning Ahead

Looking forward to 2020.

Once the dust has settled and the wine cellar has been emptied, we’re all going to have to head back to our desks. So let’s make sure that 2020 starts off strong.

Here’s what to look out for in the new year:

  • Insight-driven marketing. Improving data-driven marketing techniques is key for agencies and clients alike. Studies show that using analytical data to drive strategy is the key to outperforming competitors. So don’t sleep on your insights! 
  • Technology. Marketing technology is becoming an essential addition to agencies. Organization, communication, and execution are paramount to business success, so stay up to date on new apps, platforms, and marketing strategies throughout the year.
  • Strategy. Make a plan! Don’t start the new year scratching your head. The key to success is staying ahead of the game. Before you set your phone down for the season, make sure you’ve got a solid, inclusive strategy that optimizes your team and produces cutting edge content. 

Most importantly, relax.

It’s the holidays, yo. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve been doing something right. So give yourself a bit of time to think, re-organize, and set yourself up for an exciting new year. 

Happy holidays from your team at AntiSocial Solutions.