This year, Pride looks a little different on the outside. Events have been cancelled, travel is impossible, and the world is being faced with inequality on all fronts.

At AntiSocial, we believe that Pride is Inside! It isn’t about the rainbows, dance parties, glitter, or pop songs. It’s about strength, equality, and coming together to make the world a more loving place.

To celebrate our internal pride we interviewed a group of staff members to see what pride means to them.


Executive Producer, Scott Mackay

“I think this year Pride is just as important as ever. The Black Lives Matter movement has presented a new opportunity for intersectionality in our celebrations. We may not get our parade or public celebrations, but we can spend this time connecting with our communities, our loved ones, and supporting those in the BLM movement.

Pride started as a protest and a need to fight for change. As generations have passed, it’s important to celebrate because there are still places where it’s not safe to be part of the LGBTQ community. Despite major moves in modern countries, it’s a major reminder of where we’ve come from, and that the fight is never over.”

Associate Director of Social Media Strategy, Nicole Wei

“I grew up in the dance community, which was heavily influenced by queer culture. Being a part of that community from a young age really helped to normalize queerness for me and I think that you are never too young to learn about equality.

I think for me, pride means being a genuine ally and supporting the community. Standing up for your friends, showing the people in your life that you care, that you will fight for them, that’s really important. We need to normalize acceptance, normalize love, normalize being your authentic self.”


Director of Strategy, Daryl Louie

“Although we are making major strides in Vancouver, on a larger scale there is a lot of work to be done. We still aren’t where we need to be. It’s important for everyone to be public and loud, to keep reminding those who haven’t made it yet that we will get there, that they have support.

My brother identifies as gay and I’ve seen first hand how challenging it can be for someone to come out to a world that isn’t accepting. I am committed to using my platform and resources to forward equality, both in my personal life and through the business.”

Senior Producer, Selena Stokes

“Pride is all about celebrating our differences in a positive way. Race, sexuality, background, etc. It’s really about accepting ourselves, accepting others, and loving who we are.

This year, that idea is especially important. With everything going on, we need to use our message to stand up for each other. Diversity and inclusivity are not just a fad, it’s important in everything we do. Work, life, love. Everything.

It took me a long time to accept myself, I’m still on that journey. But it’s important to continue working on it so I can be a better person for others who are struggling and be a support system for those who need help. “


Executive Assistant, Shae Rea

“For me, Pride is about being proud of who you are and who you love. As an ally, it means supporting and raising up the queer community. I show my support by listening, signing petitions, asking people’s pronouns, and committing to education and equality.

Internally, we are starting a diversity and inclusion committee to ensure we are doing the best we can as a company. Making progress a priority is always at the front of my mind”

Happy Pride!

For a little extra fun, we made this Pride playlist so you can enjoy your socially distanced fun! Share it with your friends and remember, #PrideIsInside!