Well, friends, it’s been a weird few weeks. Sports were cancelled, the world shut down, and everyone has been asked to stay home and play video games instead of going to work.

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve spent these past weeks working with our clients to pivot their digital strategies in light of the recent crisis. That means year-long plans have been set aside and substituted for content that fits the times. So much for taking it easy! Our team has been putting their creative minds to the test to come up with engaging, compassionate, and motivating projects that will help brands and audiences move through these strange times.

We wanted to share some of the great work we’ve created with our clients during this time. In the absence of a working physical world, the online sphere continues to connect and inspire people globally. We’re happy to be apart of that movement. Check it out!


Every industy has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. As a real estate agency, Oakwyn Realty has had to move their services online, pause the planning of annual events, and limit the availability of their open houses. But, even admist the chaos, Oakwyn is a motivational force. They have been encouraging their staff and clients to find and share innovative ways of working from home. Together, we created the #OakwynAtHome campaign, which mixes social contests, an at-home survival guide, and government updates on all things real estate. The results have been incredible! Dozens of Oakwynites have stepped up to the plate and delivered creative, fun, and engaging user content that is getting a buzz across social platforms. They’ve also been encouraged to submit local businesses and initiatives that are helping communities during the crisis. These submissions will be added to their blog content in the coming weeks.


Co-op Cares

As an essential service, Co-op’s business has not stopped, but has instead adapted to an entirely new way of operating. This crisis needed a quick reaction! Our team created a COVID-19 Pivot Deck within 48 hours to ensure that Co-op was prepared for the coming changes. Our plan focused on:

  • Business operation updates
  • Store initiatives and behind the scenes info
  • Creative collateral to inspire and empower
  • Community initiatives

Our biggest challenge was to ensure that communication was being delivered quickly, safely, and accurately between stores and customers. We paused promotional messaging and changed our strategy to be informative, uplifting, and community driven. We also used social media and blog writing to highlight each store’s unique initiatives such as creating care-packages for the eldery and how local community members have volunteered their time to help sanitize the stores. The goal is to show the world if we work together, we can get through this.


AntiSocial Social Distancing

The term “social distancing” is everywhere right now as governments urge citizens to stay inside and help slow the spread of the virus. To show our support, we gave our logo an appropriate upgrade.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far during crisis:

  • Adaptation is key! Updates are coming in every hour and we all need to stay ahead of the news when servicing our clients. What worked today may not work tomorrow! Stay alert. Stay active. Stay positive.
  • Compassion is necessary. Though our business continues on, many people are currently facing unemployment, financial uncertainty, and loss. There is no room for tone-deaf strategy!
  • Creativity is connection. If nothing else, we have our imagination! Let’s use these skills to create a diverse and exciting digital landscape while people are paying attention. What we do now will shape the future of our business– let’s do it right.