SEO best practices aside -- how important is reactive posting, really? Are trending topics actually helping you rank?

You’ve realized how important blogging is for your site and you’re probably incorporating SEO best practices (if you don’t know what those are — call us). But, making your blog something people will actually want to read is a whole different challenge. One way to help your site stay relevant is to incorporate trending topics by utilizing reactive posting.

Reactive Posting, Trending Topics, and SEO Explained

If you’re up to speed on industry jargon, feel free to skip this paragraph.

To start, reactive posting is simply posts which react to news, events, or trends. Alternatively, proactive posting means planning content ahead of time. Proactive reactive posting (bear with us), planning ahead for the unknown, is best, but not always possible. For example, you know the World Cup is happening but you’re not sure who will win so you plan a post for a win or a loss for your team.

Trending topics is a term coined by Twitter that refers to the most-used keywords during a given point of time. For example, “Old Town Road” would have been a trending topic during the summer of 2019.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Essentially, SEO means optimizing your site for search engines like Google. Practices for this include things as granular as keywords and as macro as an overarching, supportive social media strategy.

Trending Topic Momentum

Trending topics actually aren’t great for SEO. It’s in their nature — when they’re trending, everyone is posting about them. The competition for page-one rankings is extreme, unless your Mashable or Buzzfeed, you’re probably not going to rank.

Instead, use those topics in a niche or interesting way. Write about them as they pertain to your industry or your business. For example, Feel Good Friday: Popeye’s Emotional Support Chicken & Other Clever Marketing Tactics. Creating content that your audience will want to read and share organically will improve your SEO. Google loves a relevant site.

Social Media Engagement for SEO

Once you’ve created your trending topic post, you’ll want to share it on your social channels. Give your audience a chance to share, like, and engage with your post. Writing a catchy headline and social copy is important to draw them in but avoid overt clickbait. Your readers will notice.

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