Marketing your restaurant can help you fill those dreaded slow days.

There’s a reason why no one wants to work Mondays and Tuesdays in hospitality.

Instagram Story Ads

There are 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day, with brands and businesses owning a third of the most viewed stories. Instagram Story Ads were introduced in January this year and open to the public this March. They let you insert your Story Ad in between users stories. The ad is formatted like a Story, which keeps user flow uninterrupted (read: makes the Ad Story seem like a friends Story).

When you’re using Instagram Story Ads to promote your slow-day deals, don’t just stop at photos. With videos typically holding viewer attention 5x longer than still images, you’ll want to consider filming a promo-piece for your IG Story Ad content. Also, photo ads only last 10 seconds while video ads last 15. But, remember, users can always tap to skip past your ad so if you do film a promo piece, make the first few seconds count.

Flash Sale Advertised Only on Your Instagram Story

You’re probably already offering some kind of deal on your slow days — most people are far more likely to come into your restaurant on a Monday if you have half-off margaritas. But, you can step up both your slow-day customers and your social media following by offering a special, flash sale to those who view your story.

For example, you can make an Instagram Story with a redeemable code in it, request followers to repost something on your feed, tag you in their story, or simply check in at your geotag to redeem a ‘prize’. The prize could be anything from a free appetizer to a branded t-shirt or gift card — the budget doesn’t have to be huge.

The beauty of doing this on your Instagram Story (besides the 500 million daily users) is that it will expire in 24 hours and you can add a countdown sticker for added hype.


Geotags are good for both slow and busy days but it’s important enough to mention here.

Geotags are exact locations that can be tagged on Instagram. You’ll want to make one for your restaurant if you don’t already have one — people use them to search on IG, check in on Facebook, and tag themselves in. It’s almost like free advertising for your spot. To make a custom geotag, you’ll need to follow these simple steps through your Facebook account.

Make sure you’re adding geotags to your own posts and searching users who also tag their content at your geotag.


Are you working with influencers? Influencer marketing can be incredibly effective, especially if you’re collaborating with them to get your Mondays booked. You can invite them in on your slow days to promote your specials or even just your space. Have them specifically say why they love being there on a Monday, anything from the fact that there’s no line or need for a reservation to the drink specials you’re featuring.

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