The problem: There's an abundance of places to eat, each with their own selling features and marketing plans. You want your restaurant to stand out in a saturated market, but how?

With our clients, we don’t just focus on food when creating content and strategies. Their history, their team, their community involvement all play a role in who they are. By showing this side of their brand we humanize them, letting their audience get an inside look at what makes them stand out.

White Spot

As a client, White Spot is great to work with. They trust us as creative partners with their brand, giving us the freedom to do what we do best. Over the years, we’ve dived into all the aspects that make White Spot, White Spot.

BC’s Own: The Kennebec Potato

While there is a lot of mouth-watering food photography that takes place, we’ve also highlighted White Spot’s involvement in the community and their relationship with local farmers. For the Kennebec Potato video, we took an afterthought of an ingredient, provided a beautiful backdrop, and let the narrative unfold.

The World’s Best Lasagna

Food content still has its place in restaurant marketing, of course. But, we like to take it one step further. For this video, we humanized White Spot’s lasagna dish by providing a narrative. The chef, Jordan Chew, had the original recipe passed down by his grandmother. Alongside Dillon Penman, the Red Seal Chef’s won a culinary competition featuring the nostalgic comfort food. The resulting video we shot was dramatic, delicious, and relatable.

Cactus Club

Meet the Squad at Coal Harbour

Creating a video that attracted new, top-quality staff for Cactus Club involved highlighting their team culture. We filmed a promotional piece for them showing what it was like to work with the people at Cactus.

Through this video, you can get a feeling for their culture and the individuals who contribute to their success. Using portrait-style shots made what could have been a very corporate-style restaurant video personal and relatable. Viewers can see the personalities of the front of house and back of house staff at Cactus Club’s Coal Harbour location.

The Parlour


Photoshoots for the Parlour often combine product and action shots. We capture their brand by showing off their incredible menu while subtly communicating ambience. Capturing all of this in one frame takes skill and creativity, which thankfully our photographers and strategists have in spades. The photoshoot below achieves exactly that, showing off Parlour’s environment, clientele, and food.

Customers come to restaurants for the atmosphere, the people who work there, and the history of the place. Otherwise, they’ll end up eating takeout at home, right? These qualities should be at the core of your marketing campaigns. Find out what makes your place stand out, and use it. And if you ever want to chat marketing strategy, give us a call.