We all love food. And for some of us, we love talking about it even more than eating it. I spend more time watching foodie shows and recipe videos than I actually spend cooking at home (and I know a lot of you can relate to this). Many of us will check out a Buzzfeed recipe video of mini-burgers with no plans to make them or watch Anthony Bourdain have lunch in an exotic destination that we’ll never visit. But if we did either, I bet we’d post it on Instagram ASAP.

Cooking has always been social

Throughout history, cooking has been an integral part of society, family, and friends. Cooking has always been a learning and social experience; from passing family recipes through generations to friends getting together for a potluck.

Social interactions have entered the digital world, with cooking being no exception – especially for the millennial generation. Below are stats from Allrecipies.com, the largest digital food brand and Ypluse, a millennial research firm:

  • As a result of broad access to digital recipe resources, home cooks say they are cooking more often (76%), are more adventurous (73%), and are more confident (63%).
  • 75% of digital home cooks trade recipes – with millennial home cooks standing out as the most frequent recipe sharers; top formats include texting (55%) and social channels (40%).
  • When asked about videos and food photo sharing, 40% of home cooks overall (55% of millennial home cooks) have watched cooking videos, and 37% (50% of millennials) have taken photos of recipes they prepared.
  • 41% of millennials said they frequently search for recipes on websites, and 57% tried recipes they found on social media sites.

Grocery shopping starts on social

Progressive Grocer reported that “66% [of grocery shoppers] say they’ve visited a retailer’s store in person as a result of a social media post. As for what they want to see from grocery retailers, top of mind for nearly 75% of shoppers are promotions and discounts, followed closely by learning about new products. Another 59% want to learn about in-store events, and 56 percent want recipes.”

Millennials want quality; prefer supermarkets

Despite millennials growing up in a challenging economy and uncertain job market, they still value where and what they buy when it comes to groceries. A Private Label Manufacturers Association study found millennials prefer supermarkets for their groceries over other store formats such as discount, club, or no-frills stores. With a percentage of millennials becoming independent and starting families, connecting with them is key for grocery brands in the long term.

#Whatdoyouwantfordinner #idontknowwhatdoyouwant

Now that we’re getting hungry and will head out for groceries either way, what can a supermarket do (besides promotions and discounts) to provide real value to shoppers through their social media content?

Working with Save-On-Foods and their Western Family brand, we deliver fresh, quality content to help solve the eternal question of “what’s for dinner?” while having a little fun.

Some ways our content answers this question is by inspiring shoppers to use classic ingredients for a new recipe, demonstrating how easy it can be to create a restaurant-style meal and giving meal planning suggestions for a busy schedule.

Quality cooking at home; Fast food content on social

While the stats above show that healthy, home cooking is growing in popularity, people on social media prefer their content fast, digestible and shareable. That’s why we deliver a complete message in a short, optimized video usually from 10 to 15-seconds long. Another method we use are text overlays and split-screens for efficiency. We encourage comments that can help other followers, such as asking for tips, suggestions and favourite recipes. We also combine social content and posts with giveaways and contests, helping drive engagement and reach more shoppers.

Delivering promotions, events and content fast and fresh

One of the main aspects of keeping Save-On-Foods connected to their social shoppers is our ability to quickly pivot to both Save-On-Foods’ requests and grocery trends, combined with our short turnaround time for photo and video production. We know the importance of immediacy within the fast-paced social media world, while never sacrificing quality of work for tight deadlines.

With new and changing products, promotions and trends always developing, our team is ready and flexible. After receiving the latest product feature, we will create a complete social campaign within a monthly turnaround, from ideating, planning and producing visuals and copy, editing and finalizing. Save-On-Foods produces many of their own photos and videos in-house, employing our team to build monthly social campaigns and using our own in-house media team for the Western Family branch of products. The video, photo and food styling examples in this post were all produced by our team within our monthly turnaround.

Did you find everything you’re looking for?

Like Save-On-Foods in-store staff taking care of their shoppers, we take care of those shoppers’ social media experience. This includes proposing, executing and managing contests and giveaways. It also includes social media posting, monitoring and community management. With shoppers looking for interesting and informative content like recipes and meal inspiration, they’ll also have questions, compliments and complaints. Taking care of this is a priority, as these shoppers are valued long-term customers, both in-store and online.

Save-On-Foods and Western Family offer quality, local and affordable food options that their customers already want. For us, it’s a matter of connecting them through the social platforms they already use, to provide value through the content and customer service they also want. We create it quickly to meet Save-On-Foods’ needs, along with delivering it efficiently to meet modern shoppers’ needs, but never at the cost of quality.

We’re honoured to work with a great Canadian brand like Save-On-Foods and are especially proud of our award-winning collaboration with them: Save-on-Foods and AntiSocial Solutions Win BCAMA Marketing Excellence Award.