Want to make more money? Update your site.

Conversion rates, brand consistency, user experience, SEO, page speed — You need to consider all of these things on your landing page. When done right, they will work together to increase your conversion rates.

You can check out our landing page for a prime example — Senior Project Manager Rob Lista lead the team earlier this year in a complete redesign. The results speak for themselves. After the success of the last few months following the launch of our new site, we sat down with Rob to discuss the importance of a great website.

Site Build

RL: “Primarily, it is essential to create a site map that is easy to navigate and promotes an effortless and engaging user experience. The main thing is ensuring the user flow and interface are optimized for users to locate content quickly and easily —  they should be able to get where they want to go within 2 to 3 clicks max. 

Ensuring all content is optimized for the web is also key, and keeping file sizes as low as possible without compromising the quality of the material you are displaying is vital.

Don’t underestimate the importance of utilizing video, imagery, and content, that all mesh together to give one common communication variable: A cohesive brand voice.”

On that note, sites that load in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) see 70% longer average sessions. And, if a site takes longer than only 3 seconds, just over half of visitors will leave. Google includes page speed in its content ranking. If you want your page to appear in the SERP, make sure you prioritize speed.


Rob Lista: “Sales are driven by trust. When someone sees a good website, this builds on that trust. Users see your work with certain clients, the technology you use, the visual, the cohesiveness of the brand and user experience on your website, it all works together. A user is 10 x more likely to purchase a product from a well thought out and engaging website that speaks to them, rather than a website that feels archaic and broken.

If you go onto a poorly crafted website, and someone is selling you a product for $1,000 are you going to buy it from that site? Probably not. You’ll go and find a site that ticks all of the “trust” boxes and purchase that product from there.”

Brand Consistency

RL: “Your goal here is to provide your audience with the same brand experience online that they would get from, walking in your store, utilizing your services, interacting with your products, or meeting you face to face.

If you’re an accountant wearing a suit and tie every day, make sure your site portrays that with a clean, professional design. If you’re a skate brand that pushes a fast lifestyle and edgy lifestyle, make sure your brand voice, visuals, and the copy on your site mirror that of your brand.

You want people to go on your website and feel the brand visually, cognitively, and through user experience and navigation.”

Mobile User Experience

RL: “Right now, there are more people visiting sites through their mobile device than through desktops and laptops.

If your website is not developed to be mobile-friendly, you’re already losing. That hits the trust factor. If your site is hard to navigate, people interact with buttons, images are cut off, or the design is shotty, that trust factor gets thrown out the window. Your user’s mobile viewing experience should be just as optimized or better than your desktop experience.”


RL: “SEO  is an integral part of a complete websites platform. You want to make sure you have clear, unique, and targeted content that utilizes keywords optimized for your targeted audience. Link building, blogging (content), alt tags, title tags, metadata… Everything needs to be optimized in order to get the most out of your online presence.

There are so many components that need to be managed properly on your site in order to rank highly on Google. If you aren’t doing it right, other people are — and you’ll get left behind.

antisocial media website
antisocial media website

A website is like a giant puzzle. All of the pieces need to fit together, working towards the same goal. As Rob mentioned, the end result should seem effortless and easily-digestible for your audience.