Do you have friends crazy enough to run half-marathons? We do. In fact, we work with them.

Content Strategist Peter Truong and Social Strategist Steph Wells have been training for a gruelling (my words, not theirs) 10k road race, The Vancouver Sun Run. The Sun Run promotes “health, fitness, and a sense of community” all things we, as a company, believe are important, too.

The pair have told me they’re not going to stop at the Sun Run, either. Instead, they’re treating it like a training exercise, and planning on completing the BMO half-marathon, a staggering 21.1 KM from start to finish.

But why, you ask?
Running improves cardio, burns calories, builds muscle, makes use of your Lulu Lemons, and lowers stress levels. Plus, after you’re done, you get to #humblebrag about it on social media. So, we get why Steph and Peter are into it.

Steph has a few marathons under her belt and runs the seawall regularly. Her morning sprints get her prepped for the day, clearing space mentally for work in a busy, digital media agency.

While Peter, on the other hand, has done the Sun Run for the past three years, the BMO will be his first marathon. He states that running provides a much-needed change in pace (pun intended) from his regular sports, soccer and volleyball.

While 10k runs and half-marathons seem daunting, Peter and Steph are adamant that anyone can do it — you just have to start.