Look, things haven’t been normal for a while. Along with the ups and downs of government policies, shifting working lives, and the added stress of managing families, schooling, and grocery shopping in the midst of a crisis, we all have to maintain our mental health.

Staying positive isn’t always easy, but we know it’s better when we do it together. We sat down with some of our AntiSocial social team members to find out how they are keeping their spirits high while working from home.

Melissa Tolentino, Social Strategist

Melissa is a self-declared homebody who says she enjoyed the extra time at home at the start. That being said, she wouldn’t mind a change of scenery.
To keep her mind and body busy during this time, Melissa has put her focus on a healthy lifestyle. Morning yoga, good food, and home cooking are her ways of getting through it.
Melissa is most proud of her recent baking experiments and she has even been stretching her creative muscles with food styling and photography. Check out some of her tasty creations on the right!

Mark Hewitt, Social Strategist

Mark says the key to adapting to a work-from-home lifestyle is to maintain a consistent routine on weekdays. By planning out his days and sticking to a schedule, Mark breaks up his day into smaller chunks which are easier to manage.
He has also designated space in his apartment to work from so that his professional and personal lives can stay separate. Making a healthy, fresh lunch every day along with a midday dance party is Mark’s way of staying positive during the pandemic.
Mark says missing family and friends is his biggest issue during this time. He has set up video conferences and phone calls to stay connected but is looking forward to the time when he can hug his loved ones again.

Aisha Fawkes, Social Strategist

As a social person, Aisha was initially upset by the lockdown. But, as time has gone on, she has learned to appreciate the extra time at home. Cuddling up with her dog and boyfriend, re-connecting with her neighbourhood, and experimenting with new recipes has been her focus.

Aisha’s advice is to try something new! She recently started running, something she never thought she would do, and has spent more time reading. Overall, the added time at home has helped her reconnect with herself and focus on personal growth. “I’ve realized that putting aside more time for myself isn’t just important to my well-being, it’s necessary.”


Oli Dickerson, Social Strategist

Oli has taken over the role of AntiSocial office security guard during the crisis. “I live with roommates and don’t have a designated working space at home, so I offered to watch over the office while the rest of the team works from home.”

Three things that help Oli stay positive during this time are:

  • Keeping in mind that there will be an end
  • Running on the beach and never missing a sunset (where possible)
  • Staying inspired and practicing photography whenever he has the chance

Stay Positive!

A lot has changed in recent months, but with a positive attitude and a desire to continue creating, our team is stepping up to the plate and using this time for good!

Here’s to doing your best, staying creative, and finding new ways to connect! We hope to see you all soon.