Today we’re looking at three Vancouver-based clients and the success we’ve had together through paid ad strategy. Each client’s brand is unique with niche products, complemented by seasonal sales. Ads were run through Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, and remarketing to target people who’ve already shown interest in the brand. We worked with 4-digit budgets for each, all receiving 5-digit returns.

Lords of Gastown

apparel fashion paid Instagram advertising strategyLords of Gastown was born from the Vancouver and West Coast biker culture, bringing together the old and new school through stylish apparel that’s also functional for riding.

Lords is a perfect combination for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. A distinct brand that has North American appeal and a very strong Vancouver presence with quality goods that make a sale worth checking out by new and returning customers.

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Strong promotion with strong branding/imagery and accurately targeted ads gave us a unique result for paid Facebook ads. While Black Friday cost-per-clicks (CPC) generally go up across the board due to higher competition, our CPC for Lords actually dropped! This was due to an exceptionally high click-through-rate, which signalled to Facebook that people were genuinely interested in our ads, giving us a lower rate. Facebook ads also received very positive sentiments with a high level of post ‘likes’ and several hundred new followers as a bonus.

This, in turn, helped us maximize a relatively small ad budget for a final 10.5x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

apparel fashion paid facebook ad marketing

Airholes Facemasks

Airholes is named after their signature product, a ski and snowboard facemask designed to protect your face from the cold, wind, and condensation while letting you breathe freely.

Remarketing drove the strongest results from targeting site visitors from the last six months. With ski and snowboard season coming up, these little reminders resulted in a 9.4X ROI.

Yes, we can all agree we’re all getting a little fatigued from Black Friday and Cyber Monday having taken up a week each in the last few years. But if the ads are reaching an audience that will appreciate it, there won’t be any complaints. Our pre-Black Friday sale achieved a 4.3x ROI.

ski snowboard apparel paid facebook advertising

While not having a stand-out ROI at 1.2x, we received a notable result through Google Adwords. This was from “views to conversions”, where someone saw a banner ad and didn’t click it, but eventually returned to the site to buy. Since they didn’t click, it was technically free exposure that led to these sales

The overall average for the Airholes Black Friday campaign was an 8.3x ROI.

People Footwear

People Footwear stands out with their mission creating supremely comfortable, but high-performance, leisure shoes. Building off classic styles, they use modern materials and high-tech construction for a extra light and resilient product.

With unique features and colourful designs, People Footwear naturally catches the eye. Like with Lords, this resulted in naturally positive reception from Facebook users, resulting in high ‘like’ counts and a much lower CPC, at about ⅓ of what we expected and the high-end average CPC being about 5x more than our CPC average cost.

The end result was an 8.3x ROAS.

Footwear paid Facebook advertising strategy

Marketing integration is key

While our paid advertising strategy drives consistent results with both small and big budgets, we like to remind you, paid digital ads don’t exist in their own bubble. Their success is lifted through integrated marketing campaigns with social media management and original content creation. This includes engaging with their followers on social and creating photos and videos that grab attention while keeping branding consistent across all channels. This integration ensures our clients stand out from their competitors and connect with the right customers.

Keep building on the success

From frequent monitoring and updating of ad copy, design, and audience targeting, we ensure paid ad campaigns improve as they progress. This, in turn, ensures the next campaign is built on the data and insight specific to each client, leading to enhanced results over time.


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