With the COVID-19 crisis still affecting much of the world, organizers have been revisioning the way they host events.

Oakwyn Realty is one of our long-standing clients. Their corporate culture revolves around seasonal events, from their Sales Kickoff to their annual Christmas Party.

One of their best-loved events is their Women of Oakwyn lunch, which has been held every Spring for the last four years. Obviously, the pandemic meant that they couldn’t gather in-person this year, so our team at AntiSocial quickly pivoted their strategy to an online campaign that would allow them to promote their female leaders while also complying with government guidelines.

Quick Pivots

Normally, this physical event would bring dozens of female Oakwyn agents together to hear panel discussions, keynote speakers, and participate in professional development and empowerment sessions.

We wanted to preserve the connective and supportive nature of the event, while also finding new ways to grow the Women of Oakwyn community.

Our solution was to create a video asset that featured interviews from some of Oakwyn’s top female agents. We asked them questions about life, success, and change while creating a positive space where other female agents could feel supported. Their answers were also featured in a WOO blog that we wrote, supported by social media promotion.


Human Connection

Real estate is not about money, or sales, or million-dollar houses. It’s about people. And finding a place to call home.

Oakwyn has always embraced that truth and we structure our campaigns around those values.

This Women of Oakwyn campaign was a great place to highlight that uniquely-Oakwyn human connection. Our four interviewees were Elaine Andrews, Jessica Chen, Adina Dragasanu, and Wenda Tseng. Each woman had a unique story to tell, whether that be fighting her way to the top, raising a family while working, or donating a life-saving kidney to a daughter. The stories were heartfelt, real, and they highlighted the true nature of these women—love and a passion for excellence.


From Physical to Digital

It was a great treat to help our client continue this important and uplifting event online. Although they didn’t get to connect in-person, Oakwyn agents were thrilled to find inspiration and connection in our blog, video, and social campaign.

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, many physical events will need to shift to a digital platform.

Our new partnership with Thinkingbox means that our capabilities are stronger than ever! We can execute AR, VR, and dynamic online websites for any kind of event.

Contact us and let us find a way to make your physical event shine in the digital world.