We know it, our clients know it, you know it, (and all of our wallets definitely know it) we’re rapidly approaching The Most Shoppable Time of the Year (cue the Christmas music).

In our recent Talk Nerdy to Me Webinar, Head of AntiSocial Solutions Daryl Louie and AntiSocial’s Director of Media Kristain Oliveira-Barnes, covered all things e-commerce in an effort to help you market more efficiently this holiday season.

If you missed the talk, never fear, you can read our hot takes from the webinar below.

Consumer Habits by the Numbers

Here are some key statistics suggesting some interesting shifts in customer behaviour over the last year.

In 2021, U.S. consumers spent over 14 billion hours online shopping. Even older shoppers (55 and older) have shifted their shopping to online, long after social distancing restrictions were put in place.

73% of all holiday sales last year in the US were in-store purchases. Contrary to what some marketers have been sharing, the large majority of holiday sales last year in the US were offline.

18.9% of total holiday sales will be E-commerce sales. E-commerce sales continue to grow. This year we will see a 1.4% YOY increase in online sales vs offline. This will continue to happen as behaviors shift.

What does this mean?

The hybrid shopper has arrived and they are here to stay! People want the option of both online and offline shopping, so we must market accordingly. This season’s shopper is also more omnichannel than ever, meaning retailers have new audiences to reach and engage with as well as new channels and ad formats to test. In short, there’s a huge amount of opportunity here, but it can seem overwhelming; that’s where we come in.

The Opportunities

Growing Audiences

E-commerce continues to grow audiences, with new groups every day. There are a lot of opportunities to reach these new people through testing fresh channels and ad formats as well as expanding upon current targeting.

Reach out to us about how we can help with a media strategy that will help you take advantage of new and growing audiences just waiting to interact with your brand.

Diversifying Influencer Content 

Influencers are no longer just on Instagram. There’s a huge opportunity to diversify your influencer’s content and audiences through multiple online platforms. To make the most of influencer marketing, utilize multiple platforms and content forms like images for Instagram, candid videos for TikTok, and long-form reviews and lifestyle pieces on Youtube.

Micro and Nano influencers also allow brands to tap into niche audience segments at scale and in a personable way that resonates strongly with consumers.

Value-Based Messaging

Through focusing on value-based messaging brands can connect more deeply with their customers. People are more actively looking to support businesses that align with their personal values, so make sure to highlight a brand’s core values where possible in ad copy and corresponding material.

Make sure you are focusing your messaging on our new hybrid shopper. Highlight both in-store and online options: focus on convenience, flexibility, and availability across all mediums as well as full-funnel messaging.

How to make the most of in-platform shopping?

Growing impressions on new and existing brands come through their social media profiles before their website. Rather than directing customers to your website, Facebook and Instagram shopping allows customers to select and purchase products easily from the apps themselves.

TikTok has also partnered with Shopify recently, allowing business accounts to add a shopping tab to their TikTok profiles, syncing their product catalogs to the app and creating a direct link to their online stores.

Think of your social presence as a gateway to your products and brand.

Assuming that this is someone’s first encounter with your business, consistency is key. Make sure to take advantage of each platform’s specific shopping features to increase conversion and streamline the process for the hybrid shopper. Whether it’s product tags, shopping stickers, or optimizing your product catalog, make it easy for your online community to spend that money.

AntiSocial’s Holiday Checklist

1. Assess your channel mix: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

2. Strategize your messaging whether it’s inspirational creative vs value-based, full-funnel messaging.

3. Create engaging creative and ad formats. Test out multiple ad formats: video ads, images, DPA’s, collections, etc.

4. Start your marketing earlier to cut through the noise sooner and remain top of mind.

5. Assess the use of influencers, timing, and feasibility.

6. Audit your product catalogs.

7. Optimize your social profiles for ease of shop-ability and optimization.

8. Align organic and social posts.

If you have any questions about how to get yourself optimized this shopping season, reach out to us! And, be sure to check out Talk Nerdy to Me for previous and future webinars from our experts.