How many times have you watched a Facebook video for its entire length?

The human attention span is reported to be shorter than that of a goldfish, which weighs in at about 9 seconds. Taking this into consideration, the first 10 seconds or so of your video needs to pull your viewer in.

The fact is, most people prefer short video clips and marketers know it. Content designed for quick-consumption has taken over the social media landscape. Bite-sized clips rule our attention spans, in the last year alone 75% of all videos published were less than 2 minutes long. There are, however, exceptions to the rule like Facebook Live and IG TV.

You can see if people are losing interest in your videos in your social analytics; if they’re consistently swiping away from your Instagram Stories without completing them, it might be time to rethink your angle.

And, specific lengths coincide with each social platform. Facebook users typically watch longer videos than those on Instagram and the numbers for Twitter are changing, too. You have to customize video length for each platform to cater to your audience.


The optimal video length on Facebook is between 60 and 90 seconds. Following that, the second best length is between 90 and 120 seconds, with between 30 and 60 seconds taking third place.

Interestingly enough, most Facebook viewers watch their videos muted. Meaning, you need to make your video understandable through imagery, graphics or on-screen text.


Instagram is notorious for changing the allowable video length on its platform. Right now, the maximum is 60 seconds but most marketers will agree that’s about double the length of what you actually want to post. 30 seconds is the optimal video length on Instagram.


Instagram TV videos can pass the one minute maximum of regular Insta videos and can go as long as an hour. With IGTV being a competitor to YouTube, aiming for an optimal two minutes also works here. Unlike the IG feed, designed to keep you scrolling forever, IGTV is set up to keep people on videos longer, plus keeps a list of unfinished videos to watch later.

Another tip is to break longer videos into segments, such as a 10-minute video edited into four parts. While still being 10 minutes total, breaking it down into bite-size pieces can help entice shorter attention spans to take another bite.

Instagram Stories

Keep your IG Story short and sweet. Studies have shown that an increase in the number of videos in your story correlates with decreased engagement. People are going to see that you’ve posted 25 stories in a row (the equivalent of 6+ minutes) and immediately swipe away.


YouTubers typically engage with videos that are under 2 minutes. YouTube videos can be anywhere from a few seconds to hundreds of hours, but people generally prefer 2-and-under-minute videos. While YouTube is the go-to place for long-form videos, offering unlimited length, we recommend a max length of five minutes. And that’s only if the video is sure to engage its target audience for its runtime.


Twitter’s video length caps out at 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The optimal video length on the platform is 45 seconds, much like the character limit in a tweet try to keep your videos concise.


LinkedIn recommends that you keep your videos under 30 seconds for “brand awareness and brand consideration goals.” A LinkedIn study found that “videos under 30 seconds reported a 200% lift in view completion rates.”

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