Dogs. They're the employee of the month, every month.

On any given day you can find at least a few of our furry coworkers roaming AntiSocial’s headquarters.

It’s about balance.

A work-life balance is upheld now more than ever before. Much of the workforce is rejecting the ‘hustle culture’ of insane hours and uncomfortable working environments in favour of flex-schedules and good office culture. And, much like Amazon and Google, at AntiSocial we cultivate an office culture that includes a dog-friendly environment.

Here, we understand that life doesn’t start and end with work. We have friends, hobbies, and families (with two and four-legged members) to take care of. Finding a work-life balance isn’t always easy, but it is a little bit easier when you can bring your pooch to work.

And, a dog-friendly office has benefits for those of us without pets at home. One study from the University of Southern California says “pets have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and make employees more cordial and productive.”

The dogs also remind us to take a break. Working in a digital media company can get hectic; we often eat at our desks and work odd hours. Having a dog around reminds us to go outside for a walk every so often.

“The dogs are a great auto filter of potential team members and client synergy. If Charlie doesn’t like you, that’s good enough for me!” – Daryl Louie, CEO

Meet the dogs of AntiSocial:


Henry is a mama’s boy through and through. He loves to tease you by pretending to want pats — then running away once you lean down. Henry will soon be moving back to the prairies and will be missed greatly by everyone at AntiSocial (especially his girlfriend, Rosie Rosè).


Although Chewy mainly works remotely from Vancouver Island, everyone is happy when he graces the AntiSocial office with his presence. He’s the best-looking pom we’ve ever seen and rumour has it he’s dating Alexis Ren.


Bhodi is the youngest member of AntiSocial’s staff. She loves to antagonize the older office dogs and play with anything she can get her paws on, like pen lids, Tupperware, all items not tied down to your desk, her best friend Charlie, and everything in between. Bhodi keeps us young.


Jemjem is a blonde sausage with boundary issues. She was rescued from a dog fighting ring when she was a young pup and has been immersed in the good life ever since. You name it, Jem’s got it.


With hair that makes the Yaletown salons jealous, you’d never know Raina was born in the BC wilderness. She spent some time in the backcountry of Squamish before relocating to downtown Vancouver. Raina’s the life of the party — barking at crowds, clapping, and any other loud noises.

Rosie Rosè

Rosie Rosè is the sweetest pooch in the office. She’s friends with anyone who can look past some potentially not great breath. But, she makes up for her slightly stinky nature by giving anyone who will lean down a literal hug. Rosie keeps herself busy at work by sweeping the office floor with her tail.


Charlie is one of AntiSocial’s first employees. In the beginning, CEO Daryl Louie would bring puppy-Charles to client meetings — his secret weapon in acquiring new business opportunities. After all of his hard work in the early days, Charlie now spends his 9-5 snoozing on his favourite chair, playing with Bhodi, or harassing the staff for snacks.


Honey is the newest addition to the AntiSocial family! Human Resources Director Christine Michelle adopted Honey from Sunshine Rescue in China. We’re all eagerly awaiting her arrival. Sunshine Rescue’s owner Iris tells Christine she’s more of a person than a dog and is incredibly affectionate — we can’t wait to spoil her.


Ray is a spicy little sausage. If you don’t have a ball in your hand, don’t expect to get anywhere near this socialite — she knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything less.

If you love dogs and digital media, we could be the right fit for you. Drop us a line!