As long-time social media aficionados, we’ve seen a lot of platforms come and go. The recent drama in the world of TikTok has a lot of our clients wondering, is this platform worth investing our time in?

At AntiSocial, we are committed to being at the forefront of news and happenings. Our staff are consistently educated on what’s coming and going in the social sphere.

We wanted to share our insights into TikTok, the good and the bad, in the hopes that our thought leadership will help ease the uncertainty of the current times.

TikTok, What's Good?

TikTok has opened up new doors for creativity for its users. As the app matures, brands are also finding ways to enhance their creative edge by stepping into the platform.

For brands, TikTok offers the usual social media benefits of brand awareness, calls-to-action, and increased opportunities for conversions.

But, the essence of this reactionary platform means that simply pumping out curated content isn’t enough to get your brand noticed. Raw, up-to-date, and creative content is key. The virality of TikTok comes from the engagement between users, so brands need to be constantly prepared to jump on new trends.

The opportunity for originality and creativity is high. Branded songs, hashtag challenges, and duets add new areas for consumer engagement.

TikTok might not be right for every brand, but those that do it right, are winning.


And, What's Bad?

Recent tensions with China have left many countries reconsidering their acceptance of TikTok.Last month, India banned the app and the USA is threatening to follow suit. Canada has argued that our national security is more than enough to ensure our citizens are kept safe.

So, why the drama? Well, TikTok is owned by a Beijing startup company. Politicians have insinuated that because of its ties to China, TikTok might be sharing user data with the Chinese Communist Party. Reports of censored content, data infringement, and a lack of transparency have begun to shape a global conversation surrounding the app.

Hype aside, a recent article by Wired Magazine stated, “Concerns about censorship seem to arise whenever a tech company from China is involved.” But added, “After The Washington Post reported a lack of content on TikTok concerning the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, some users began experimenting to see whether their videos about the demonstrations would be removed… reporters also uploaded footage themselves, [and] found that the clips weren’t censored.”

So, What Should We Believe?

Is TikTok off the hook? Probably not. But as their platform grows, so does their distance from their Chinese holding company. There are even reports that TikTok might be sold to American investors to save their global reputation.

Data privacy is no joke and we are always keeping our ears open for new insights. But, we hope that TikTok can salvage their reputation and do right by their users. Regardless of the political climate surrounding the app, there are still huge benefits for brands and creative control for users.

For now, we’re waiting on the sidelines, making sure we can give our clients the most up-to-date information on the app as it comes in.

If you’re looking for more advice on TikTok, social media marketing, or any kind of digital news, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.