Would you turn your phone off for a year for $100,000?

The latest in combatting tech addiction, Vitaminwater has chosen a contender for their Scroll Free competition.

Author Elana Mugdan, the self-proclaimed “OG Mother of Dragons”, has been chosen to compete in Vitaminwater’s Scroll Free contest. The contest means Mugdan’s beloved smartphone will be locked in a Vitaminwater branded cage for a full year, just out of reach.

A modern-day horror film titled The Return of the Flip Phone.

For those of you gasping in horror while clutching your iPhone as you read this, it gets worse. She’ll be given a flip phone to use while on her tech sabbatical for calls and texts — remember flip phones? No apps, no internet, no data. She’s stated she will have to rely on things like an actual alarm clock, a walkman, and a real calendar. W H A T.

Stay strong, Mugdan!
After 365 days, the young author will be given a polygraph (lie detector) test. After passing, she gets the 100k reward. She’s allowed to bow out at the halfway point and collect $10,000 as a consolation prize but, at any point previous to that, she gets nothing.

We predict rehab facilities for tech addictions in the near future.
The competition has sparked discussion about just how addicted we are to our phones. Mugdan herself has stated that she hopes the contest will help her own phone addiction. “I’ll come to the end of a paragraph and, unsure of what to write next, instinctively reach for my phone,” Mugdan states. “That’s so detrimental to me as a writer. Phones are supposed to help us, but they can be a huge hindrance.” She’s the author of the series Dragon Speaker, and also an independent filmmaker.

It’s a clever marketing campaign for Vitaminwater.
Notably, the competition is also aligned with Vitaminwater’s brand ethos. “vitaminwater has always challenged the monotony – and there’s nothing more monotonous than scrolling mindlessly through your phone,” says Associate Brand Manager Natalia Saurez in a blog post. “We also proudly take a stand against the bland and boring… and Elana is anything but bland or boring.”

Vitaminwater is using the contest to increase brand awareness while labelling itself as an ‘out of the ordinary’ product. And with over 100,000 applicants, the contest has so far been successful.

Besides the prize, imagine what she’ll save on data.

You can check out Mugdan’s contest-winning informercial below: