Looking to rank on Instagram?

It can be so frustrating to try to gain followers and increase Instagram engagement. But, you know that to be competitive in today’s market, you need to. So we’ve put together three simple ways to help you out.

Time and energy.

Get ready to work. The bare bones of social media marketing are consistency and commitment. You need to keep posting relevant, aesthetically pleasing content and engage with your followers. Staying relevant means staying on people’s feeds.

You know this, Instagram knows this, and your followers know it but when you’re busy it can be hard to prioritize your content. Scheduling and creating posts ahead of time can help you stay organized and on schedule.

Posting regularly to stay relevant stretches beyond Instagram, too. Keep this in mind for any and all of your social media accounts and your website. Pro tip: Blog content written with SEO in mind is a great way to keep your website active.

Be better than your competition.

Anyone can create an Instagram account. The market is saturated but that isn’t something you need to worry about so long as you’re better than your competition. Start by researching who your audience is already following, see what they do well and how people are engaging with the content.

Find your differentiating factor. How do you stand out? What sets you apart from the other brands in your industry? Find your niche.


Hire an expert. Consider the time you spend perfecting your digital marketing strategy, curating or creating your own content and the amount of upkeep you will need to do. You will need to engage with your community, continually do research into the competition, stay on top of trends and news, and still maintain your feed.

The amount of time you save by outsourcing works out to more time spent doing what you love. Or more time spent making money in another way. You’re also purchasing an expert’s skill set in digital marketing. The benefits outweigh the costs, every time.