Work smarter, not harder.

Productivity isn’t simply doing as much as you can in the time you have. Instead, it can be about treating your mind and body right so you can produce optimal content.

Working at a digital marketing agency, we’ve always got to be on our toes, creatively speaking. And, being internet-friendly people, we know the power of apps. So, we took a poll at AntiSocial’s creative headquarters and compiled our favourite apps that help us work, in one way or another.


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Google Keep and Google Assistant

“I use Google Keep for work and personal notes/lists, as it syncs on my phone, Gmail, and Chrome browser. I find Google Assistant useful for random reminders, such as location-based notifications reminding me what to do when I get home or to the office.” – Simon Gerard, Copy and Content Writer

Google Assistant and Google Keep can help even the most disorganized keep their thoughts in line and stay on track throughout their day.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies! It helps me focus and de-stress. It gives you options of rain, white noise, etc. whether your zen is to concentrate or fall asleep.” – Peter Truong, Social Strategist

Relax Melodies has 4.7 stars from over 8k reviews on the app store. The app will help you improve your sleeping habits and offers guided meditation.


“I use Glow app to track my period/hormones as this correlates directly with my productivity… So when my hormones are raging I’m sure to eat better/sleep more/stay active so that I don’t lose my sh*t and give up on being a human. It helps me understand my moods/emotions too, which in turn helps my productivity!” – Tee Krispil, Social Media Strategist and Social Copywriter

Health tracking apps can benefit almost all aspects of your life. Understanding your body and giving it what it needs can let you take control of your health, your productivity, and your emotional wellbeing.


Monday the app! To stay organized and on top of projects.” – Taylor Lowe, Project Manager

Since Taylor is the most organized human we’ve ever met, we can guarantee any recommendation from her on project management will be on point.

StarCraft 2

“I have an app on my computer called Starcraft 2, it helps me practice macroeconomics, team building/management, and competitor strategy.” – Daryl Louie, Co-founder and CEO

Leave it to our wise leader to take a creative view on StarCraft. He has a point though, the game lends itself to leadership growth more than you’d think.

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Candy Crush

Candy Crush– Tommy Watson, Videographer and Editor
Work hard, play hard Tommy.

Taking mini-breaks helps to stay on track during your workday, but hopefully, you have enough self-control to put Candy Crush down after five minutes.


Spotify so I can have a sick playlist on while shooting on location or editing.” – Alaina Hase, Photographer, Videographer, and Editor

While our tastes collectively range anywhere from Drake to the Talking Heads, in our office we can all agree that at least something should always be playing.

Slack, Monday, Evernote, Wipster, Pixieset, and Harvest

Slack for communication, Monday for project management, Evernote for meeting notes, Wipster for video sharing, Pixieset for photo sharing, and Harvest for time-keeping.” – Scott Mackay, Project Manager

Scott’s got his workday organization dialled with this cornucopia of productivity apps.


Pacifica!!!!” – Mia Metz, Producer

Mia’s four exclamation points aren’t an exaggeration for this app. Pacifica is a tool used to reduce stress and feel happier through “behavioural therapy and mindfulness meditation.” Suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression can make it impossible to be productive. Always take care of your mental health first.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats.” – Malik Sayadi, Producer

Uber Eats has single-handedly kept our office alive and cured of hangriness. Huge nod to the folks who bike our meals in at all hours of the day.

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