Born in Vancouver, True Calling is a collective of digital content creators whose mission is to tell stories of Canadian experiences and ambition. Through short video documentaries on people across Canada who have taken a journey to find their “true calling”, they aim to inspire people to do the same. They wanted their message to reach two audiences. One group is people across North America who’ll find inspiration from their stories. The other group is filmmakers for their grant program, which funds filmmakers to create content for the True Calling network.

True Calling already had naturally appealing content valued by these audiences, the challenge was connecting with them.

Telling the right story to the right audience

To gather your tribe around the social media campfire you have to go through Facebook, with either organic and paid social strategy, together or separately. And if you want fast and solid results, a paid social advertising strategy is key. With True Calling having a wealth of stories ready to share asap, this is where we came in.

With an average length of two to three minutes, their videos counted as short-form in the world of documentaries. But in the world of social media, with video content like Instagram Stories being the new norm, their videos are considered long-form.

Considering their type of content, their target audiences, and how we foresaw people sharing and engaging with the videos, Facebook was the best bet to focus our efforts on.

First, we advised on editing and optimization of their “long-form” videos for Facebook. It doesn’t matter how well you target or how much you pay to promote, if the video doesn’t capture the attention and truly resonate with the viewer, you’ll never get your ideal results.

Next, we created a Facebook paid advertising strategy around boosting video posts and growing followers. We identified audience groups in Canada and the States, fitting them with content most likely to resonate with them. We conducted A/B testing through video thumbnails and written copy per post, refining what attracted the most views and engagement per region and group.

True Calling’s stories were heard – with stats to prove it

True Calling had amazing content that people already want to see, strategic paid social advertising was the missing key to have these stories heard. With video optimization, accurate targeting, and testing, we were able to ensure their stories were heard exponentially.

When anyone has a new page with a lower follower count, it’s always an uphill battle. Through their impactful video and our paid strategy, they were able to ramp up their followers and reach in a short 3-month period.

  • Facebook page likes from May 1 – August 1: 12,418 – 93,155 / +650%
  • Facebook reach from May 1 – August 1: 15,752 people reached – 215,016 reached / +1,265%

After starting up new with the True Calling Facebook page in January, that now have over 217,000 followers. It’s awesome to know that their positive stories are reaching so many people, sharing inspiration, advice, and experiences to help motivate them to take their own steps towards their true calling.