Organic followers are within your Instagram reach.Here's 3 tricks to up your 'gram game in 2019:

1. 360 Degree Cohesive Aesthetics

People engage with Instagram accounts that are visually pleasing or powerful in some way. And, with now over a billion daily Instagram users, your account has to cut through the noise. Having your entire feed follow a cohesive aesthetic is going to help not only your following but your brand image as well. People engage with your business online first, and since social media has quickly become the new landing page you want to make sure you give a good first impression.

Colour coordination in posts
Make sure every post aligns with your brands aesthetic. Be aware of the colours that represent your brand. You can have as broad or as narrow a colour palette as you like but try to ensure side-by-side images are the different colours in your feed.

Choose 1-3 filters and stick with them
Coordinate your edits including your filter settings. Lightroom can give your photos a professional look and feel, plus you can save your presets making the process quick and painless.

Don’t forget your Instagram Highlights and Stories
Complete cohesion is more than just your Instagram feed. Make sure your Instagram Highlights have cohesive cover photos and the content inside follows a colour scheme or pattern that makes sense. For Instagram Stories, an easy way to stay on brand is to utilize Instagram Story templates. Apps like Easil make it easy to create reusable, DIY templates.

Turquoise Kingdom's Instagram page is a prime example of brand cohesion. Everything from an organized colour palette and photo editing, to the titles and format of their Instagram Highlights, is fully immersed in their brand identity.

2. Up Your Engagement

Higher engagement leads to more visibility, which leads to more followers… leading to higher engagement. See how this works?

Ask questions
You can increase your engagement with Instagram Stories. People love to provide their opinion on the internet about literally anything. Next time you post a story, use stickers. Post a poll or ask a question. Even seemingly unrelated information from your audience can be helpful. Ask them if they’re dog or cat people and then include the winning animal in the background of one of your posts.

Post selfies or behind-the-scenes shots

Selfies and behind-the-scenes shots can help humanize your brand. Your IG Story is a great place for this, people are much more receptive to casual posts there rather than your feed. Plus, asking your audience for UGC content is an effective way to increase your engagement.

Lay’s created the #SmileWithLays campaign where they asked their audience to provide a photo with their specially designed bags. They raised $1 Million for the charity Operation Smile.

3. Create Long Lasting Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Forbes predicted the influencer marketing industry to crest $10 billion in the next five years. Companies are trusting influencers with their brands, buying real estate on their Instagram and websites. Once companies find an influencer who aligns with their brand and believes in the product, they want to invest in that relationship. Long term influencer marketing partnerships are quickly replacing the one-off sponsored posts that we used to see. The longer an influencer associates with a brand, the more inclined their followers are to trust that brand, too.